Guards foil hijack attempt on Israeli El Al Flight
2002-11-17 11:33:36 ET

a little over two hours ago an Israeli Arab Muslim stood up on an El Al flight and attempted to hijack the plane destined for Istanbul, Turkey with a pocket knife.

Luckily El Al has security personnel on every flight.

This world of ours is going to hell.

Still the safest way to travel?

For more details, you can go here.

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2002-11-17 11:37:45 ET

geez. well, looks like EL AL has good security atleast.

2002-11-17 13:25:07 ET

It seems like everything has been taking a turn for the worse lately.

Or has it always been like this, just more covered by the media lately?


2002-11-17 13:36:37 ET

thats kinda scarey. at least they were prepared.

2002-11-17 13:56:56 ET

I'm not sure it was always this intense... But, at any rate, this is hardly the first time there has been an attempt to hijack a plane, or harm other Israeli/Jewish targets in Israel and around the world. Sometimes with horrific results.

There are undercover security marshals on all El-Al flights. Rumor has it they go through rigourous rambo-esque training outfits...

It seems that some passengers helped, too. I guess it's fortunate that practically all Israelis have some form of military training.

Actually, come to think about it, it's pretty dumb to try and hijack an El Al flight. It's the safest airline in the world.

2002-11-17 14:03:18 ET

The Israeli army is scary. They can sooo kick ass I hear.

Well Im glad that nothing happened..

2002-11-17 14:06:01 ET

*rasies chest and nose wid pride*
/me is property of the Israeli Defense Force (on lease for my private life until called for reserve duty)

2002-11-17 14:07:29 ET

My soon to be former step father was talking to me one time about why the American gov. should be behind the Israelis. His direct quote was..
"Because those Israelis are some badass motherfuckers"

2002-11-17 14:12:04 ET


:) Truer words neva spoken *look at me badass!!*
Oomph Oomph Oomph!

2002-11-17 14:16:08 ET

when did they get hijacking a plane?
i fall asleep for two hours, and it all goes wierd.

2002-11-17 14:18:34 ET

check out it's all over the news.

2002-11-17 14:19:23 ET

i was sleeping

2002-11-17 14:20:39 ET

Lucky you. I was acting as a typing-monkey for my dad again. Listening to an hour-and-a-half interview on tape on a walkman which only one earphone works, and typing it all down word for word on.. err. word.

2002-11-17 14:21:10 ET

oh. wait. i saw the breakfast club for like the 300 time

2002-11-17 14:22:21 ET

Joy! I was just talking about the breakfast club today with some sk.netter... Heh. "pb&j with the crust cut off" or something.

2002-11-17 14:26:57 ET


2002-11-17 14:28:53 ET


2002-11-17 14:34:37 ET

Uhm, yeah, chatting with Pixie Flame there about it. :o)

2002-11-17 22:34:12 ET

some people are just sad...oh well...good the guy was stopped.

2002-11-18 20:51:13 ET

yeah we've got some badass security, managed to stop a man armed with a nailclipper.
not to diminish any of that tough image, but this guy was a joke

2002-11-19 04:53:05 ET

You know, I gotta wonder. What on Earth would make him attempt such a thing? Seems ludicrus.

2002-11-19 20:16:09 ET

madness, desire to become famous, stupidity (my 1st choice in this case)....

2002-11-20 01:58:57 ET

I'm betting on the second.

The Palestinians are building their independance-war "mythology" now. This guy, too, as a kid, has sitten in front of the fireplace, with his friends, and talked about their heroes - the shahids. These are the people they look up too. It isn't unreasonable for any one of those kids to grow up, and want to be talked about in front of the fireplace... As a hero for the cause.

2002-11-20 20:30:21 ET

well... maybe you're right. all I know is that I've got many friends who fought these "heroes" and contributed a lot, hell I think I am among these guys, but nobody will talk about these guys at the israeli fireplaces. maybe we should change that

2002-11-21 02:04:54 ET

It has to do with the historical situation of their people. I know my dad would sit in front of a fireplace and alk of YIgal Alon or whoever...

2002-11-21 03:38:33 ET

how about Roni Ben Shmuel? Do you, or anyone at all at least know who he is? there are so many like that. I can throw names for quite a long time.

2002-11-21 05:25:46 ET

Believe me, so can I...

2002-11-23 21:05:41 ET

well, lots of us can, but the thing is, what can we do about it? How come everyone who is a real hero, happens to be thought of as a villain around here?
My friends' boyfriend was a platoon sergeant in magav, once he saw a palestinian policeman raise a gun and pointing it at him and his friends, he shot the bastard, next thing you know he gets a dishonourable discharge, instead of a medal for saving the lives of his friends.

I suggest we drop this theme, too much anger coming out when I think about these things

2002-11-24 01:54:42 ET

I agree

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