2002-11-21 02:07:39 ET

Woke up early today, and went to the doctor's office. I have this inflamation in my elbow. Seems infected, too. The inefficient bastards barely let me in, since my file wasn't moved to Hod Hasharon from Jerusalem, seeing as I was in the army. They said I should have brought my discharge certificate. All the crap that they've been sending me in the mail and nagging me on the phone, not once did they mention I need to bring my release certificate. Blach.
Anyways, so I gotta take antibiotics, 4 times a day. This, and the fact that there was a major terrorist attack this morning, sort of puts a downer on the whole Thursday Night Happy Hour Madness I was planning on in Jerusalem. We'll see if I still go for it.
Yesterday night I didn't do much, after debating with myself I decided I wasn't going to go out, since I wasn't feeling too hot for it. Around 1:00 o'clock I logged on to IRC, and Liron invited me over to her place. We talked for a while, and then I went back home.
I started feeling sorta blue.. Low self-esteem and other such head-meat-illnesses... Before I started digging too deep I just decided to go to bed.. So I did.
I sometimes feel like there's so much emotional shit buried underneath this thin epidermis of rationalle.. Everytime I scratch the surface, I bleed some emo out.
And it hurts. It cuts like a knife straight through my heart.
.. .. Then I go back to the Safe Haven of Not-Dealing.

:: Listening to: The Strokes - Someday ::

2002-11-21 02:44:15 ET

fun stuff...life can suck sometimes... :-\

some day...i aint wastin no more time...

2002-11-21 05:25:19 ET

Ya, it sure can.

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