Tank Girl!
2002-11-21 06:04:47 ET

?How Industrial Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

I got the Tank Girl comics with this on the cover.

Oh, and this quiz sucks. I'm no rivet.

2002-11-21 14:07:29 ET

/is rather surprised

?How Industrial Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

2002-11-21 15:23:06 ET


2002-11-21 15:24:39 ET

Hey, can I take the new Banana Faction logo?

2002-11-21 15:28:56 ET

It is the LEADER-GUY's (i.e. Me) logo. That would be NO. :)

Get Drake to make you commoners a new one if you like. .. . If he's too lazy I'll make you a personalized one, even. :)

2002-11-21 15:30:27 ET

GODDAMMIT. I LIKE THE COLORS MORE................................

oh well. Okie I'll leave him a message on AIM. :)

2002-11-21 15:32:56 ET

:o) You change your colourscheme daily, anyway.

2002-11-21 15:36:37 ET

Not daily.
Just a lot more, since I've been BORED.
I think I'll keep this one for a while.

2002-11-21 15:46:03 ET

uhm. k. kool.

2002-11-21 16:10:12 ET


2002-11-21 16:11:53 ET

(you lie, I know you do, but we can keep playing this YOUR WAY)

2002-11-21 16:46:56 ET

Me lie? To you? No.

2002-11-22 10:38:34 ET

lol. I kid, I kid.

2002-11-22 11:46:19 ET


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