You Hobo humpin' slobo bitch
2002-11-21 15:56:10 ET

Just came back from Jerusalem. Boy, that was fun. I haven't had this much fun since Pompeii. Liya sorta stood me up, but luckily, I had a contingency plan. Namely: friends, booze and illegal and semi-legal substances (No matter what they say I prefer tha green over tha brown). I saw lottsa people I haven't seen in ages.. And I got sorta happy-drunk.
My friend Udi has moved to Ramat HaSharon! W00t! I can't wait to drag him to The Balcony Pub Monday! Yay! (I might even get him on bwahahahaha. We'll see).

On totally different news, it seems I found a job. Some son-of-my-parents-friend has a gallery in New York, which he manages from an apartment in Tel-Aviv, via the internet. I'm not exactly sure what the job's demands are, but it's something along the lines of making sure links are alive and stuff like that. I hope it won't be too much of a bore-o-rama, but anyways it sounds totally easy. 4000 NIS Net., plus some sort of extra bus/gas money, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Anyway, so I'm supposed to go there Sunday and learn the ropes.
I'm thinking jobs are like chicks. When you don't got one, it's a desert wasteland. When you got one, they just keep a comin'. Not two hours after I got this job (via phone interview.. He sounded impressed), my dad gave me a number of the CEO of Iridium. They're into mobile satellite communications. Not exactly my field of expertise, but it sounds like they'd probably pay more ;) . . I dunno. I wanna first check this Art Gallery out. Anyways I'll give em' a call, just to check out what they're looking for. They're also closer to my home, which is a plus. Then again, they're probably gonna want me to dedicate time n' effort n' stuff to em'.. Something I don't really have/want to give. What I'm really doing is taking a half-year anti-sabbatical. I want to save up around 6000$ USD and get the fuck outta here. (USA! USA! USA!)
And on that note, I think I'll go to sleep.

2002-11-21 16:01:32 ET

sounds like things are looking up sweetie. that's good.

2002-11-21 16:11:18 ET

Up... Or.. Down?

*raises eyebrow*

We'll just have to wait and see..

2002-11-21 16:17:07 ET

awesome...i need a job...that type of job sounds quite awesome...

2002-11-21 16:19:27 ET

I hope I'll be sittin on all day long, like I did in the last days of my army service...

2002-11-22 11:52:03 ET

yes. we will just have to wait and see *wink*

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