This is a fucked up quiz...
2002-11-21 16:16:57 ET

how would you commit suicide?
The text that came with it:

YOU WOULD HANG YOURSELF. you both crave and fear death. you're fairly certain that you wouldn't actually commit suicide, but you often fantasize about it because you can't think of any other way to escape living a life that you hate. you're wary about doing anything irreversible and you have a healthy awareness of the repercussions of your actions.

2002-11-22 09:26:22 ET

how would you commit suicide?

ha.ha. insert bitter laugther here.

2002-11-22 10:37:42 ET

This quiz was made for you. *tightens noose*

2002-11-22 16:31:44 ET

how would you commit suicide?
YOU WOULD OVERDOSE. because of the intensity of your depression, you've built death up as the only way for you to end your pain. you're extremely pessimistic and you regularly do things that are harmful to you as a way of managing and controlling your emotions. you have a slightly unrealistic view of yourself and others, which contributes greatly to your difficulty in expressing what you feel.

yeah... haven't tried this one yet... ;)

2002-11-23 05:50:25 ET


I am surrounded by borderliners! Yay!

2002-11-23 12:20:53 ET

lovely! :)

2002-11-23 13:22:40 ET

Ello ello ello

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