2002-11-23 06:20:39 ET

Blachs. Got a headache.

Woke up round 13:00 (not enough sleep) after partying all night, to go to my uncle's place, coz my cousin had an 18th birthday/drafting party. He's drafting to be a fighter in one of the infintry brigades.. Oh, the poor bastard.

I got these.. butterflies in my tummy. I think I'm nervous coz tomorrow I start work. It's my first day. I don't know why I'm nervous about this, it should be a breeze, but I am. Maybe it's coz I'm finally... Doing something. Yet, I stop being free, in a way. I dunno. It's only 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (which sounds a lot to you school kids, maybe, but it really isn't that bad compared to, say, the army)... . I dunno.

:/ <-- Big grumpy sorta face.<BR>

Had about 30 people in my house yesterday. I hate guests.

:: Listening to: Enzyme X - Post Traumatic Fuck-up ::

2002-11-23 09:53:06 ET

you shouldn't be nervous. work is good for you. well, it gets you money at least.

2002-11-23 10:56:39 ET

good luck with the job

2002-11-23 13:19:34 ET


2002-11-24 09:17:14 ET

post traumatik fuck up, eh?

2002-11-25 00:07:54 ET

I toldja I'm goin all GRRRR muzik lately.

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