First day at work...
2002-11-24 01:56:30 ET

I'm sneaking in a few lines here...

Welp, I've started working for . . I sit around and filter the stuff the spider finds... And some other assortment of random stuff.

I gotta admit.

I'm kinda bored.

:: Listening to crappy new age my boss is listening to ::

2002-11-24 01:58:50 ET

hey, if i could get paid to sit around and be bored (which i do too much anyway), id do it!

2002-11-24 02:53:29 ET

Hmmm... Point taken.

And yet...

*tightens noose*

2002-11-24 12:20:20 ET


just remember you're making MONEY

2002-11-25 00:07:17 ET

true. made 200 nis yesterday

2002-11-25 02:45:36 ET


even though i have no clue what that is american ^_^

2002-11-25 23:50:45 ET

heh heh. 1$USD = 4.8 NIS

2002-11-26 00:01:41 ET

ah alrighty, rockin (-:

2002-11-26 00:15:19 ET

uh.. yeah, i guess. I need more though. a lot more. I need bout 6000$USD for my roadtrip cross-country I wanna take in the US...

2002-11-26 00:33:49 ET


i need afew thousand at least myself..

2002-11-26 00:58:37 ET

Grr. Someone here wanna give me money..? (please?)

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