Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid
2002-11-24 07:54:23 ET

Which Member of the Endless Are You?

:: Listening to: KMFDM - Drug against war ::

2002-11-24 09:16:20 ET

Which Member of the Endless Are You?

its keine meitleid fur die merheit
no pity for the majority

2002-11-24 09:48:49 ET

/was dream as well

I've never read a Neil Gaiman comic.. :/

2002-11-24 09:49:54 ET

you must!!

2002-11-24 09:50:41 ET

I know!
I really want to.
I don't even know where to find one.

2002-11-24 09:53:12 ET

amazon, prolly

2002-11-24 09:59:49 ET

I don't have the $$..

2002-11-25 00:05:39 ET

yah, i figured it was just random words... no majority for the compassion doesn't really make sense...

and angel - GO READ, NOW

2002-11-25 13:18:07 ET

Oh well.. the whole point was the words sounded cool. :))
And I WOULD, but I don't have the money to!

2002-11-25 23:49:15 ET

No excuse. Sell your soul or something.

2002-11-26 05:53:07 ET

It isn't worth much.

2002-11-26 12:38:09 ET

heh heh. So sell your brother's soul.

2002-11-27 07:56:18 ET

Oh geez, Satan would love that.
My brother is a total Jesus-maniac.

2002-11-27 08:38:22 ET

heh... Jesus-maniac? *turns up music *christfuck!**christfuck!*

2002-11-27 08:41:04 ET

He was in the car with my mother and I one day [[he doesn't live with us, he lives across town with my grandma]]. We were all listening to Metallica, and no one was saying a word, but out of nowhere he says..
"Metallica is Satanic, could you please shut it off?"

2002-11-27 08:43:28 ET

ROFL!! Metallica is satanic??? hahahahahahahahahahahhahahaaa!!

I haven't been so amused since when I was 16 I wore a necklace with some random skull n' weird shapes or something (I don't even remember) and this fuckface (we call them "arsim" here) asked me if I was christian.

2002-11-27 08:59:02 ET

/shakes head
Oh lordy.

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