Encountered this artist while surfing at work...
2002-11-26 01:00:55 ET


I think I really like his work. Naive-Surrealism. I esp. like the fact that in his statement, he said that he doesn't do most of the work, but rather a Magic Monkey comes to visit him at night.

I want a magic money too. :(

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2002-11-26 01:16:25 ET

hmm...i do like this guy. surrealism rawkz

2002-11-26 01:33:37 ET

its like seeing Dali do kiddie books :)))

2002-11-26 03:43:08 ET


2002-11-26 05:10:45 ET

I really like his work.
Did you see the ones he did of famous actors, actresses
and rock bands?

2002-11-26 11:41:26 ET

I only know him from today, I took a look at everything he had online... I saw some Jimi Hendrix and some others but I don't think I saw what you mean...

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