What's up with the avatars?
2002-11-28 00:13:47 ET

This is weird.

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2002-11-28 00:16:48 ET

haha...sykospark drank too much egg nog, went insane, and made the avatars all random thanksgiving images!

2002-11-28 00:32:36 ET

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Thanksgiving.

Sheesh, you'd think I'dve known it's thanksgiving.

2002-11-28 00:34:30 ET

its alright, just cuz you dont live in hell aka america ;-)

2002-11-28 01:16:18 ET

Oh no no no. You've got it all wrong. I DO live in Hell.

2002-11-28 01:24:18 ET

well...maybe its a different hell then. but then when ya think about it, earth is hell. so oh well.

2002-11-28 02:32:55 ET

Welcome to Earth, in that case.

2002-11-28 02:38:26 ET

yes yes...

2002-11-28 05:35:10 ET

Turbo - Total Eclipse does live in Hell. We live in America, which is the furthest from hell you can get. Well, I guess one step down from the Hot Zone of the middle east would be Ethiopia. It's a pick your poison kinda thing: get shot or starve.

I am not happy with the current meddling ways of my country and our new big bully attitude, but I'd rather be living here (and will just wield the power of my vote when the presidential elections arise).

And actually, the avatars were a devious plan of moxie. He did this to surprise me (and the rest of the site). I apologize to the international users hehehehe

2002-11-28 05:53:15 ET

syko - you are a sick, sick woman. i wonder what will happen on christmass.... :)

2002-11-28 06:18:52 ET

Oh, lord! Santa's little helper monkeys!

..and syko - I complain a lot, but 20 kilometers from here people have to piss in the street, and 70 kilometers from there (Jordan) regular joes only have running water a couple of times a week.
Not to mention a few more kilometers from there east things get increasingly worse (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan,..)

2002-11-28 07:10:07 ET

Total - A couple of kilometers is too close for me. :(I worry about the Israeli kiddos on this site. <3 I don't want anything bad to happen to you guys!!!!

2002-11-28 08:05:58 ET

Awwww.. fanks! wuv u too. :o)

I guess I'll be cancelling those plane tickets to Kenya ...

2002-11-28 12:22:17 ET

yes yes...i realize its probably much worse over there than here, wish it wasnt. hrm...and i guess i was just thinking in terms of people also...ive seen alot of just random hatred from people lately...its rather disheartening...

2002-11-28 18:38:02 ET

hate leads to suffering...

Or something.

Yeah. People suck. I think I'm gonna move to a deserted island (with an adsl modem, though) and surf sk.net all day (well, and fish a look for cocoanuts).

Blah. I wanna read Random Acts of Senseless Violence again. Does anyone remember what it's about? I forget.. Something bout..a girl... maybe...? Ugh. 6:37 in the morning. MUST SLEEP.

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