You won't believe
2002-11-28 09:13:07 ET

what I found laying in the street.

A turntable deck and a tuner+amp deck!

How can you throw away something that can play vinyl???

It seems too small for regular sized LPs (only those smaller ones I think can fit), but I really don't think I care. I haven't checked to see if it actually works, but from what I could tell just from looking at it, it seems functional (or close to functional)...

Cool, eh?

2002-11-28 09:42:43 ET

yeah thats badass. Last year I found a 5 disc cd changer/amp on the side of the street and they worked and now are in my room playing all myfunker fogt cd's in shuffle mode right now. But yeah if anything youll prob need a new stylus for it and itll be fine.

2002-11-28 12:48:40 ET

very cool

2002-11-28 18:34:31 ET

tre cool.

Botticelli - 5 funker cds shuffled? FUN!

2002-11-28 23:47:20 ET

hehhe yep. eh . grr. my head hurts.

2002-11-29 09:00:08 ET

that's good.

2002-11-29 09:22:14 ET


2002-11-29 09:23:08 ET

Yeah, I fink so too.

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