Big Schproingle
2002-11-30 06:00:51 ET


17:58. Just got up. Head Hurts. Lots of alcohol last night.

Not that much fun last night, anyway.


Might go to a movie later.

That is all.

:: Iggy Pop - Lust for Life ::

P.S. you know you wanna wake up with this song.

2002-11-30 06:03:43 ET

eize movie?

2002-11-30 06:08:46 ET

Maybe the new james pond. Nothin' else to see I think...

2002-11-30 06:17:24 ET


2002-11-30 06:22:10 ET

ya.. If you know of anything better, now's the time to tell me. :)

2002-11-30 06:32:02 ET

hey, I like james bond. :P

2002-11-30 06:33:21 ET

i`m going to some punk rock show with itay tonite...bezefer and useless ID..yeah

2002-11-30 06:47:42 ET

sababa for you two. Have fun n' stuff.

2002-11-30 06:50:51 ET

i hope so...
we had a very bad time last nite

2002-11-30 06:57:54 ET

mmm? whyzat? if it's any consolation the lili wasn't brilliant last night either..

2002-11-30 06:59:50 ET

sratim raim...

2002-11-30 07:04:11 ET

OOOOoooooooooooo. Uhm...


2002-11-30 07:04:29 ET

yeah...we went to sleep at the car

2002-11-30 07:10:21 ET


2002-11-30 13:07:03 ET


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