2002-11-30 13:19:33 ET

Got back from watching the new James Bond film. Surprisingly, it didn't suck at all. I actually enjoyed it. Definately the best one of the contemporary ones, possibly the best one of em' all. Good camerawork, some interesting contempo-action speed-filming/editing (Matrix stlye), along with some nice effects, a semi-good plot (well, it's still only James Bond) and some good ol' post-modern ars poetics (they did quite a few homage to themselves in this one).

But anyway, that's not what I wanted to write down.

I'm feeling sad.

In fact, I'm shaking.

I don't know what's wrong with me.
Somebody, anybody, please shove me or hug me. Possibly both.
I'm going to sleep before this gets any worse.

2002-11-30 14:01:03 ET

*shoves you into a wall, smacks you across the face, and hugs you and holds on tight*

stop shaking sweetie, you're scaring me.

2002-11-30 19:17:05 ET


ive been there before.....life can really get stressful and crappy sometimes :-\

i hope things start looking up for you soon....i know they will...

2002-11-30 22:03:34 ET

I dunno what the fuck...

I woke up 5:20 in the morning (that would be: 3 hours sleep). Thias has been happening a lot lately.. Insomnia.. waking up before the alarm goes off... I dunno. I think I might be losing my mind. The shittiness of it all is that lying in bed, thinking of life for two hours before getting up is hardly what I needed.. *sigh* . . . I hate this.

2002-12-01 05:36:22 ET

I hate lying in bed thinking about life. when no one's there to stop you from doing something stupid. and so all you can do is fight with your own mind.

times like those suck. I'm sorry you're going through this sweetie. hope things go better.

2002-12-01 05:57:33 ET

*sniff* yeah, thanks

2002-12-01 06:00:36 ET


2002-12-01 06:03:29 ET

I'm all better now. The cynical me has taken over and my current motto is "ehh, fuckit, let's go kill some braincells. (Them thinkings make us hurt. Hulk hate hurt. Hulk smash thinking greysss!!!")

2002-12-01 06:07:51 ET

haha...alright then. if I lived near you I'd join you in the braincell killin.

2002-12-01 06:08:22 ET


2002-12-01 06:09:10 ET

I wish I could

2002-12-01 06:17:31 ET


2002-12-01 06:17:55 ET


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