2002-12-01 03:05:24 ET

Yes, strange noiseee subjects are fun.

Well, I'm at work, not working (yay). Woke up really early. 5:20 (= 3 hours sleep). I donno why. 2 hours before the alarm. Insomnia is fun. (yay losin my mind). Then I put my car in the car hospital (he's better now, they released him already) coz his brakes started making cranky sounds. Then I went with my dad to his office, we had one of those "life? where to?" chats in the car. I like talking to my dad. He's really smart. And understanding. And caring.
I <3 you pa!
Anywho, so now I'm sorta better, I guess. Until I start thinking of utter misery again. I need to occupy myself with other things... Yes... Like pharmecueticals.

:: Listening to: VNV Nation - Legion ::

2002-12-01 03:10:14 ET

good to hear your feeling better

i sortof wish i could only get 3-4 hour of sleep tonight cause otherwise im gonna end up sleeping all day and its my dad's birthday...bah...oh well.

2002-12-01 03:15:01 ET

Mmmmm.... I'm not too pleased with 3 hours sleep. It means I'm probably not going to be doing anything tonight, which sucks ass.

2002-12-01 03:17:13 ET

hmmm...possibly :-\

but hey ya never know, you could always spontaneously pass out and sleep some more!

2002-12-01 03:19:47 ET

Point taken, and it's a good valid one to boot.

2002-12-01 11:09:14 ET

congrats on the job... even if you say it's dull. : )

2002-12-01 11:10:57 ET


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