Ahhh fuck
2002-12-01 06:26:43 ET

I just hit my piercing really hard.

It still hurts goddamnit.

:: Listening to BlutEngel - Seelenschmerz ::

2002-12-01 06:27:30 ET

Don't touch it, and take good care of it!
Where did you get pierced?

2002-12-01 06:32:02 ET

Horizontal Industrial, left ear.

2002-12-01 06:33:35 ET

Laugh at my pain

2002-12-01 06:34:40 ET

owie! hope it stops hurting.

2002-12-01 06:36:26 ET

and for what its worth, you're about as clean shaven as i am right now ;-)


2002-12-01 06:37:11 ET

yeah, it's getting kinda red. lucky I'm off work in half an hour, and I'm meeting (I hope) Liron, my personal bodymod guru, so I'll have her take a look. :)

2002-12-01 06:38:33 ET

Naw, it's an old pic. It was taken 5 mins after I got it pierced (photo courtesy, again, of Lady Orion). I'm not that more shaved, though I do have longer sideburns, and shorter hair on my sides.

2002-12-01 06:39:06 ET

ah alrighty

2002-12-01 06:40:05 ET

ya. *aworldofhurt*

2002-12-01 06:41:48 ET


if i knew how to make it stop hurting i would!

2002-12-01 06:43:49 ET

heh heh, s'okay, it's not really that bad *pretends to be strong impervious-to-pain soldier-boy*

2002-12-01 06:44:48 ET


atta boy, suck it up!

2002-12-01 06:45:01 ET

ahh i used to have an industrial..
good luck getting that to heal!!!
you CAN get it to heal, but patience, and good maintenance is your friend!!

2002-12-01 06:51:00 ET

That's my mantra. "Soaking is your FRIEND."

2002-12-01 06:51:45 ET

Om soak Nama friend Shivaya

2002-12-01 11:25:51 ET

I think it looks cool Shay!
I hope there is no bleeding or leakage now.

2002-12-01 12:23:57 ET

Thanks you reminded me I need to shave.
I m a bit burlier that you tho....

2002-12-01 12:25:12 ET

i got that same piercing this summer...it took a while to heal but it was beautiful..sadly, i had to take it out because i'm going into the military and it's not allowed:(

2002-12-02 00:20:06 ET

Angel - Danke! It's okay now.
Miz - ;)lol. I look better now! Honest!
treason - Coolness! I got it a month after discharging from the army... where are u going in the military??

2002-12-02 00:29:50 ET

don't you ever get back to work?

2002-12-02 00:30:55 ET

yeah, yeah. spoilsport. what r u doing up these hours?

2002-12-02 00:34:17 ET

I was supposed to go see some deigital imaging thingie with my mom but I decided not to go. so I'm gonna print out the business card I designed for "body art" downtown and go over and show him.

2002-12-02 00:35:07 ET


2002-12-02 04:28:20 ET

i'm going into the usa marine corps

2002-12-02 04:37:34 ET

sounds tre cool. g'luck! u happy bout it?

2002-12-02 04:39:25 ET

thank you!
i am actually...i have a great respect for the military and those who do that....i've always loved the marine corps and i want to be a marine

2002-12-02 05:04:42 ET

well then.. goin after your dreams is goot. I can't say that I have much respect for the military, but doing 3 compulsory years'll do that to ya... Anyways, good luck.

2002-12-02 05:06:36 ET

well, yeah but you had to do it...that is sad you know...

2002-12-02 05:09:18 ET


I know.

2002-12-02 05:13:44 ET

thati s the one thing i don't respect

2002-12-02 05:15:34 ET

yeah, well, it's in the past. Fuckit. I'm looking forward (<cynical>to a month a year reserve duty, yay!</cynical>)

2002-12-02 05:23:58 ET

:) you should get more piercings!

2002-12-02 05:29:53 ET

Hmm. Yeah. What else should I get.. I wonder.. I'm thinking another two earlobe thingies. Maaaaybe stretching one (a bit).. .Or maybe an orbital.. Those're nifty.. . Nosering maybe? I dunno. Any suggestions?

2002-12-02 05:39:49 ET

i want a vertical industrial

2002-12-02 05:46:13 ET

naw, not for me. ...

2002-12-02 05:52:15 ET

what about stretching your lobes? i am at 2g right now

2002-12-02 06:05:04 ET

I need to get lobes first. :) I dunno, I might stretch but only a tiny bit. I want somethin that'll close back again and not leave too much of a mark.. something around this O

2002-12-02 06:11:37 ET

well, mine r see through...it's sweet

2002-12-02 06:30:15 ET


2002-12-02 06:35:35 ET

you should get them pierced and stretch them

2002-12-02 06:42:35 ET

well, yeah. :)

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