I am too scared to close my eyes.
2002-12-02 06:38:10 ET

Another day at work coming to an end.

God, time does go by when your doing absolutly nothing.

Welp, anyways, it's been a hectic weekend, and in good tradition, tonight's no different. I'm gonna meet up with some friends, then I'm gonna go to this shindig my ex-army unit arranged (sweet of them to invite me, even though I'm just a reserve now), and then there's this 3-year annerversary party to the electro line at this pub we always go to...

So, yeah. More alcohol in my veins, more ways to forget! Joy!

:: Listening to: VNV Nation - Legion ::

2002-12-02 12:16:55 ET

fuck alcohol.

2002-12-02 12:56:55 ET

have fun

2002-12-02 14:53:58 ET

Will do! Not only was there plenty of alcohol of many kinds, but there were soft drugs too! w00t!

neverless - You straightedge ? What's the deal? Alcohol's hot.

2002-12-03 04:04:47 ET

alcohol=puke... not even only just literally.

2002-12-03 12:35:43 ET

huh..? I hardly ever throw up from alcohol.

2002-12-06 12:52:08 ET


2002-12-06 18:13:59 ET

*confused* Are you sXe?

2002-12-10 18:54:44 ET

yes, i am straight edge.
just smiled 'cause it's always a nice thing to hear that someone hardly ever throws up from alcohol as opposed to throwing up often...
shows that you're not entirely stupid... ya know?

2002-12-10 23:53:31 ET

Aww.. Is that a compliment?

I personally think sXe is absurd, but you know, your choice n' stuff. Live free, die fast, that's what I say.

2002-12-11 03:59:42 ET

hahahaha. absurd? i'm not sure i understand.
it's just the way i choose to live.
and i know i won't ever change my mind. i've researched and explored, not joined something called straight-edge like some sort of army.
i dont do many things because i simply don't want to, feel no need to, and have no respect for certain substances.
however, i don't follow rules or guidelines or any bullshit like that... it just so happens that all the things that i believe are best for me, just-so-happen to be under this sort of thing called sXe.
i'm sorry if you think it's absurd. i think it's rather funny of you to say that... i'm not limiting myself from anything, or forcing my ideals on others.

2002-12-11 04:28:41 ET

absurd; as in - makes no sense to me. (I repeat: to me).

I don't see why one should deny himself these Earthly pleasures.
and when you say "fuck alcohol" I'm not sure how I'm supposed to respond; It's a part of my life. A part I like. Don't try and change me and my way of living, and I'll be just as courteous.

2002-12-11 12:48:51 ET

maybe you should re-read what i said...
i didn't fail to mention that i'm not forcing my ideals on others.

i wasn't being rude to you by saying "fuck alcohol", or it wasn't what i intended anyway.
it's just like me telling someone im going to harm myself and them saying "fuck harming yourself."
try to think of it that way.

2002-12-12 00:26:30 ET

consumption of alcohol is a cultural thing. It goes back centuries. The (in my opinion absurd) outlook American (self-rightous) culture has on it is just what makes you think consumption of alcohol=harming yourself. Let me tell you something - walking out in the sun is harmful. Heck, crossing the road can be harmful. Just like everything else, it's all a matter of frequency, quality, and quantity. While American citizens can't drink legally till they're 21, and are forced underground by this prohibition (and you must admit, it's quite odd you can get a drivers license, or a license for a gun before you're legally allowed to drink), French kids are given wine when they're 3yo. German and Brittish kids drink beer since they're young. Dutch kids can even smoke pot when they like!
Are these European cultures less "cultured"? Not as wholesome? More prone to harming themselves? What does it all mean?


It doesn't mean a thing.

So while you think you're not forcing your ideals on me, as you say, the fact is that you believe you are holding the one only truth in your hands, and can't grasp that it's your hibris that I find vain - and that, my friend, even if you did not intend it that way, is rude.

2002-12-16 15:21:59 ET

hahahaha. you're great.

2002-12-16 15:32:04 ET

I don't think that people should not be able to drink.Ii think people should do whatever they want to do with their bodies and minds...
However, I do know that throughout my life I have seen some pretty terrible things more than halfway caused by alcohol.
Thus, my reason for deciding that I won't drink.
Control over my mind and body, for the most part, is enjoyable... and while you're saying that I'm rude for voicing my opinion on the matter is forcing my ideals on you-- I think you're the one who is doing just that.
I didn't do this to start a fight and I didn't mean to send two comments in a row--
It was an accident to click "Reply" so soon.
I think it's cheap and shitty that people use alcohol or other drugs and/or substances to help change their moods and minds and character and attitudes--or even to take their mind off of things.
Fucking up your liver and lowering your standards just to have a good time is disgusting to me and it has nothing to do with the way Americans portray drinking. This isn't some self-righteous bullshit I have going on either...
I don't think I'm better or stronger than anyone out there.

It's about me, and where I grew up, and the people I knew, and the things I've seen...
and the asshole friends that I've had to take care of and watched cry and go through hell over stupid shit like that.
The regret I've seen...so on and so on.
This isn't meant to be a lame-ass sob-story.. but you get my drift. It's shitty to watch an incredible friend with a great mind and a strong personality fall flat from drinking and acting like a fucking idiot, degrading theirself and others
Yet not remembering a damn thing the next day.
Sometimes reality is just enough for me to take.
So, we've voiced our opinions. This wasn't in effort to argue with anything you just said. Just what I think.

2002-12-17 00:01:53 ET

"I think it's cheap and shitty that people use alcohol or other drugs and/or substances to help change their moods and minds and character and attitudes--or even to take their mind off of things."

I don't.

You're a troll. Go away.

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