2002-12-04 00:34:14 ET

It's sold out!



:: Listening to: Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet with Butterfly Wings ::

2002-12-04 01:01:29 ET


2002-12-04 01:04:01 ET

really? i saw tons of this t- shirt in the store like two weeks ago...

2002-12-04 01:09:58 ET

I want one!!

I know Hot Topic isn't "cool", but damn I wish we had more stores like that here.

2002-12-04 01:10:59 ET

geez I didn't see that it was a link, silly me :P

2002-12-04 01:15:34 ET

i don't like Hot Topic because they take any subculture out there, and make it trendy. they're also VERY expensive.

2002-12-04 01:16:55 ET

True... But... Well, I don't need to tell you what it's like here: no quality, no variety, AND expensive.

2002-12-04 01:22:56 ET

yeah... but i think that being a part of a subculture requires originality and creativity and when you have stors like Hot Topic... well, you get my point. people get more creative without them.

2002-12-04 01:41:49 ET

oh well

2002-12-04 01:43:44 ET

I don't think that originality and creativity are required as being a part of a subkulture. Obviously poseurs suck ass, but part of "belonging" to something has little to do with originality.

Me? I do what I always did. I wear what I like and listen to what I like, no matter what everybody else around me does.

2002-12-04 01:43:52 ET

oh and hrm...i think its rather cliche to hate hot topic, yes they're overpriced and somewhat crappy but they sell some stuff i sure as heck cant find anywhere else....and they also cant really help who shops there...no im not defending the store by any means, i just think its becoming the "cool" thing to do in subcultures to hate the place d-:

the only thing worse than a trendy prep i a trendy punk...or any other subculture for that matter. dont follow any rules or generalized ideas...just be yourself.

that be my 1 1/2 cents

2002-12-04 01:45:29 ET

Well spoken. I hate it when hating something becomes trendy, so everybody hates it.


Except MTV. They deserve all the hate, them fucking assholes.

2002-12-04 01:48:24 ET

ummmm, never been in one so, I don't think I can have an opinion, other then whatevr works for ya, or something like that.....

2002-12-04 01:48:51 ET

haha yeah mtv is horrid...but thats just cause they make everything trendy, most of which shouldnt be trendy or doesnt deserve to be trendy...but ah well, people are stupid

2002-12-04 01:49:08 ET

damn it man
when are we going to order some shit from there?

2002-12-04 01:49:49 ET

mtv is cool sometimes...i like popy trash every once in a while [avril!!!]

2002-12-04 01:51:02 ET


<glares at mavet>

2002-12-04 01:52:05 ET

i just got up
im gonna regret i said it later on

2002-12-04 01:53:17 ET


hmmm.....lets hope so...

2002-12-04 01:55:29 ET

now i go clean my room or something and hope total eclipse is free for coffee later on cuz im losing my fuckin mind outta this unemployment thingy

2002-12-04 01:56:31 ET

i know how that is...ive actually got a date tonight tho! altho who knows what we'll do with my money...or lack thereof...but oh well, i still have somebody to hang with for a change

2002-12-04 01:57:18 ET

You will. My sister kept turturing me with Avril. . . Hahha, buying her The Strokes CD seemed to have worked though.

I hate MTV. They used to be cutting edge, let young artists do their little promos, and were all round cool. Just look at the difference between VJs like ol' Ray from MTV's Most Wanted, and those plastic-blonde-model thingies they have now. They've become "The Man". Fuck em' in a major way.

2002-12-04 01:58:05 ET

Say, Noa, you wanna work building sites for my boss?

2002-12-04 02:10:56 ET

sure i do :)
how why where when?

2002-12-04 02:12:12 ET

as a freelancer or as a real job?
btw, shai, you heard some stuff by the "white stripes"?

2002-12-04 02:19:20 ET

I dunno exactly, he wants to make a few templates and offer artists who exhibit in his gallery (and don't have internet know-how) to make em' a website (for a cost). You work with Frontpage? Dreamweaver? He told me notepad wasn't cost-effective :(( *cry* (I hate frontpage) . . . Shall I give him your name/email/number? Oh, and do you have a portfolio or an example page to gimmie? I showed him what I could of electroculture, but it's not such a good example (dead links and such - though the styling and graphics was goot).

And, yeah, I heard White Stripes... Uhm.. Dead Leaves and something or another... I think..

2002-12-04 02:22:43 ET

hmmmmmmmmmmpphhhhhhh......the bdsm site should be up soon.... and i got nothin to show him else then electroculture...[it got deadlinks cuz its dead,y'know]..i dunno...i need a job damn it!!!
i hate freelancing, though ill get money on the site and stufff...bahhh...you wanna do something today?

2002-12-04 02:26:49 ET

So.. do you want me to give him your details or not?

Hmm.. theoretically some guy from my army's supposed to come over... But I think I'm gonna reigncheck him again (damn I'm an asshole, he's been trying to meet up with me for two weeks) - - what did you have in mind? I'm not up for anything too heavy.

2002-12-04 02:28:47 ET

the white stripes are good...look up the song 'hotel yorba'

2002-12-04 02:30:14 ET

k.. will do.

2002-12-04 02:34:44 ET

whats the name of their mega hit?

wheres the work?

2002-12-04 02:36:21 ET

hmmm...their singles thus far have been 'hotel yorba', 'fell in love with a girl', 'dead leaves and the dirty ground'...and one other one that i cant remember the title of right now...even tho i know it...blah..oh well

ive wanted their newest cd ever since it came out but never have money :-\

2002-12-04 02:40:30 ET

yeahhhhhhhhhh fell in love with a girl

survey question
what is the easier way of site navigation - a bar at the top of the page or on the right\left of the page? [horizonal\vertical]?

2002-12-04 02:42:11 ET

hmmm...it depends...altho i guess i usually prefer left or right...

2002-12-04 02:42:44 ET

fell in love with a girl is such a cute song

2002-12-04 02:44:10 ET

yes it is (-:

2002-12-04 13:11:30 ET

WHITE STRIPES = love x 100000000000000000000000

MMmMmMM. Especially Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground.

2002-12-04 13:17:56 ET

Yeah, they're nice...

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