Day in, day out
2002-12-04 13:37:13 ET

Welp, so that was Wednesday huh?

I really wanted to og to sleep early today, and was shit tired before, but I guess that ain't going to happen.

Worked my daily grind, then I rode home. Almost fell asleep on the wheel (yay). I was supposed to meet up with an old army bud, but I sorta ditched him for coffee with Noa. It's just...uhhh.. I don't have the will to see these people, I guess.

I was also supposed to go to this Hanucka shindig my ex-unit arranged Monday, and I sort of let myself ditch them too.. It was convenient. I abused alcohol and soft drugs. I sorta felt rotten about that later on, especially since The Balcony was kinda boring... I dunno.

So anyway, when I got home I fell asleep on the sofa for 3/4 of an hour, woke up, drove and picked up Noa, then we went to Herzeliya and picked up Liron and Coby, and we went for corporate-scumm coffee at Starbucks. 2 hours, a few laughs and a pack of chips later, I'm home, sitting in front of this screen, wishing I were either dead or asleep (but, alas, I am neither).

:: Listening to: the sound of silence and key-tapping. ::

2002-12-04 13:59:19 ET

!@#$%& only 3/4 of an hour? That sucks.. I couldn't sleep very well last night either. :/

2002-12-04 14:03:05 ET

that wasn't night, that was a few hours ago. It's 2:00 now. That was around 20:00. I gotta sleep fuckthisssssssssss grrrrrrrrrrrr

2002-12-04 14:38:50 ET


2002-12-04 14:39:07 ET

Mehbe logging off SK is a step in the right direction

2002-12-04 23:53:18 ET

I did do that, eventually.


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