2002-12-06 18:55:23 ET

Ahhh...What a night.

Who knew I was still capable of enjoying myself so much? (only thing is, I missed my friends Liron and Noa . . Why didn't you come?? Grr).

Anwho, it was a great night. I was *happy camper* drunk, people around were in a good mood, music was good in the electro room (it started out stinky 80's, and slightly too much Depeche Mode, but quickly moved on to Funker, Solitary Experiments, and all things good and fun), I popped up a bit in the britpop/indy room (hooray for Bloodhound Gang and The Strokes, ;)), and I did my weekly tour of the alternative/metal room. That was sheer funness! I haven't had that much fun in a while. I fell on some great tunes (Mindless Self Indulgence! w00t!) and I fooled around a bit with a pretty girl ;)

That's it for me now.


2002-12-06 18:56:49 ET

What is this "too much Depeche Mode" that you speak of? -:P

2002-12-06 18:59:26 ET

Fooled around with a pretty girl?
Go Shaynaynay.

2002-12-06 19:09:53 ET

Outcast - don't get me wrong, I love DM, it's just 5 songs is far too much. They should have quit after Never let me Down and Shake the Disease.

Angel - ;) I need some sweet lovin' already goddamnit.

2002-12-06 19:15:56 ET

pimpmasta shay!

2002-12-06 19:17:37 ET

l0l. Oh, for christsake...

I'm going to sleep. :)

2002-12-06 22:24:04 ET

And here I thought I was the only girl in your life.. AHAHAHA. jk.

2002-12-07 02:37:32 ET

becuz i began feeling quite sick....so itay got me a whole pack of advils (that was so CUTE!!!) and i went off to drop the cyberish act, and we got to statbucks, to terrorize the coffee bitches.

2002-12-07 08:56:02 ET

cyberish act? vas?

Yay! We go Fight Club-stlye terrorize Starbucks, w00t!

2002-12-07 23:40:00 ET

well uhh.. i was talking way too much with silver...so i put on my silver\black xtensions, silver make up, vynil shit...looked lovely though :)
but i wasnt in the mood for this.

and uh, yeah it was fun :))

2002-12-08 00:33:44 ET

Ahh... your cyberdog employee stalk act... >:) cool.

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