By the way
2002-12-06 19:16:40 ET

This is a great song.

:: Listening to: Zwan - Honestly ::

We missed you, Billy.

2002-12-06 22:27:15 ET

Smashing Pumpkins are sooo much better.

2002-12-07 05:11:39 ET

best pumpkins song : space boy!

2002-12-07 09:49:04 ET

Okay people, top 10 Pumpkins songs:

1) Disarm
2) Never Let Me Down
3) Zero
4) The End is the Beginning is The End
5) To Forgive
6) Tonight, Tonight
7) Eye
8) Bullet with Butterfly Wings
9) Rhinoceros
10)Fuck You (An Ode to No One)

(ahh! It pains me so to do these lists... I feel like I've left out so many songs..!)

2002-12-07 12:55:06 ET

Smashing Pumpkins are just so fucking great.

2002-12-08 00:31:19 ET

Yeah ! I feel bad for leaving out some great songs (Jellybelly, Today, 1979, Ava Adore, To Sheila, Thirty Three, to name a few..)

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