Okay, last time I surf sk.net before going to sleep
2002-12-08 00:53:02 ET

I had a dream with some sk.net members in it.

Bloody hell, no wonder I woke up 6:00 with a cold sweat ;)

:: Listening to: Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun ::

2002-12-08 00:56:20 ET

haha, what no details?

2002-12-08 01:04:07 ET

Ooo, I'm not sure it's for the prying eye ;)

Hah ha, I kid.
I was in New York before my big cross-county I'm planning for this summer, and I met Dbd and Insomnia and stayed at their place.. Saw some other members too...

2002-12-08 01:15:33 ET

awww, well i am off to bed, maybe i'll have an sk.net dream too ;)

2002-12-08 01:15:57 ET

the violent femmes!!! **YAY!!!!!** (one of my top 10 fave bands...haha)

and hmm...was i in it?? if so what'd i do??

2002-12-08 01:20:47 ET

ni ni Sis

Naw, sorry Lars, I don't you weren't it in.. I'm not really sure what the fuck was going on though.. I think I was basically crashing at sk.net people all over the states. ;)

2002-12-08 01:20:58 ET

An Violent Femmes rule

2002-12-08 01:22:13 ET

i was listening to the 'add it up' cd earlier tonight ^_^

id own all their albums if i had the money <pouts>

oh well...i have 'add it up', 'freak magnet', and 'viva wisconsin'

2002-12-08 01:23:12 ET

Oo. more than me. I have illegal mp3s, thassit. ;)

2002-12-08 01:24:03 ET

haha...hey, still better than nothing ;-)

do you get conan obrien in israel? they were on his show last night...f00kin rawked

2002-12-08 01:25:34 ET

We get it sometimes, about two weeks late or so.. I don't think any channel is showin it right now... But then, I've pretty much stopped watchin TV since they haven't brought the latest OZ season. Only the occasional cartoons.

2002-12-08 01:28:14 ET

ah ic...heh...well, if you happen to find out when its on there, id say check it out

they actually played 'blister in the sun' too cause they recently rereleased that album with a bonus cd. and like when it got to the part of the song where theres no drumming, guy hoffman (the drummer) ran over and sat on the couch next to conan's desk, and then when he needed to drum again he got up and ran back and resumed drumming...haha

2002-12-08 01:31:30 ET

hahaha so cool. :)

2002-12-08 01:33:18 ET

<nods> not to mention their set consisted of an accoustic/electric guitar, an accoustic bass, and simply one snare drum which guy hoffman stood behind and beat on and looked completely goofy the entire time (well except when he went to sit down, then he just looked goofy).

haha...i love those guys

2002-12-08 01:48:16 ET

yeah, they're funny...

2002-12-08 01:56:14 ET

they have alot of variety too, tho

if you can, try to find the live version of the song 'hallowed ground' off of viva wisconsin...thats very rad and quite pretty actually

2002-12-08 02:01:11 ET

hmm. will do.

2002-12-08 02:02:44 ET


sorry..im a music freak...once you get me started on a band i really like i can ramble for hours.


2002-12-08 02:04:39 ET

heh heh.. s'okay, I'm the same..

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