Arbeit macht Frei
2002-12-08 04:02:56 ET

Okay, tasteless subject line. So sue me.

I'm at work, losing my mind. Just came back from a quicky lunch with ladyorion. My bastard boss only gives me half an hour lunch a day. It's pissing me off. If only I had an hour.. I could go to the beach (It's 5 minutes away), and lay about for twenty minutes... But like this, it's just.. ugh... no time no time no time...

Even though he's not here most of the time, I still feel uncomfortable being late from lunch. Since I'm surfing and d/ling of kazaa all day long anyway, it's not like my productivity is way up there anyway...



:: Listening to: Pixies - Debaser ::

2002-12-08 04:05:39 ET


2002-12-08 04:06:52 ET


2002-12-08 04:08:55 ET

im not entirely sure

im bored and rather tired


2002-12-08 04:15:23 ET

and on that note, i hope the rest of your day goes well for you

i go bed now..sleep...must...sleep.....

oh and the pixies rawk as well ^_^

2002-12-08 04:59:04 ET

:) true

2002-12-08 05:33:59 ET

i'm sorry that you didn't get a long lunch. it's sunday and here in the states, most ppl don't work today....i also would like to go to the beach and just watch the waves crash's been so long for me :(

2002-12-08 05:59:27 ET

Awww... Funny thing is I live seaside, and I hardly ever go there...

Mmm.. In Israel we work Sun-Thu.. Weird, huh?

2002-12-08 06:47:49 ET

sometimes i wish i worked on sundays...i work 6 days a's alright. i enjoy working..i'd rather work seven days a week just to get away from these ppl i live with AHHHHHHH

2002-12-08 06:50:31 ET

ahhh, it can't be that bad... No one should work 7 days a week.. five days looks tough enough to me.

2002-12-08 06:53:09 ET

oh it's that bad...i went out last night after work and they got pissed off at me because i went out!!! i work six days a week, clean this house and i do anything i'm asked...why should they get pissed..why because i go out and do something?? ugh...i'm just so tired of this level of immaturity with them...

2002-12-08 06:55:40 ET

GRRR. Big grrr.

2002-12-08 06:56:50 ET

shay, i'm just so tired of it...i want out now...i just can't believe how low they are...

2002-12-08 07:00:10 ET

:((( Awwww... *sympathy hug*

2002-12-08 07:01:52 ET

aww thank you
on a lighter note, i am slowly killing them

2002-12-08 13:00:37 ET

poisioning their food with small invisible broken-glass particles?

2002-12-08 16:01:31 ET

you feed off my cheeseburger.

2002-12-08 18:04:13 ET

Oh ja I forgot to tell you Shay.. I lost the Banana thing you made me.. *cries*

2002-12-09 01:46:53 ET

Liron - Yessss, I do. thank you! *love*

Angel - What??? I take great artistic offense.


take it off the same url I gave ya before(here I think).

2002-12-09 05:49:03 ET

i've been slipping pine sol (a house cleaner) into their drinks

2002-12-09 06:16:34 ET

I know Pine. Used it the same way. muhahahaha

2002-12-09 06:23:29 ET

yeah, but if she does die, i'm heading to israel

2002-12-09 06:29:14 ET


2002-12-09 06:31:33 ET

see, i'm really a mean person who cares very little for most people...
i wish dimitry were on...damn him!!!

2002-12-09 06:33:54 ET

awww.. thassocute..!

2002-12-09 06:35:11 ET

hahahahahaha no no no i hate cute *shields her eyes from the cute*

2002-12-09 06:45:33 ET

aw come on...cute has it's place....

2002-12-09 06:50:59 ET

cute can be batampte...that is what dima is...

2002-12-09 06:55:15 ET


2002-12-09 06:59:26 ET

it's yiddish

shay are you there? you're batampte too

2002-12-09 07:30:19 ET

oh ok. yeah, that can be said about both of them :P

2002-12-09 10:13:01 ET

Uhm...... Yeah! *confused*

nicht ayene agroyse meziye (that's all the yiddish I know)

2002-12-09 13:13:32 ET

Ha ha I didn't mean to lose it, I had it saved and when I was going through my files I couldn't find it anymore. Thanks! <3

2002-12-10 02:05:52 ET

w00t! Pretty avatarrrrr

2002-12-10 03:21:45 ET

i actually know more yiddish than i had thought...i used to speak it all of the time growing, i only speak it when .... well when i'm here..

2002-12-10 03:46:01 ET

heh heh. speak some more.

2002-12-10 08:41:39 ET

you mashigane shwartze haye!!!

2002-12-10 09:51:20 ET

I'm not a shwartze you eisl!

2002-12-10 12:10:48 ET

ah i love the different languages that encounter my everyday life...

2002-12-10 23:55:42 ET

ah I love the smell of napalm i the morning.

2002-12-11 06:05:26 ET

*sings the napalm song*

2002-12-11 06:49:20 ET

;)) lol *sings the DOOM song!*

2002-12-11 06:54:19 ET

we should mix our songs together for a disasterous party :):)

2002-12-11 09:48:12 ET

doom doom doo-doo doom doom doom

"more pigies gir.... ineed more PIGIES!!!!"

2002-12-11 14:04:58 ET


2002-12-12 00:29:23 ET

I loved you piggy, I LOVED YOU!!!

2002-12-12 13:20:54 ET

*hehe* I am SO addicted to JtHM right now.

2002-12-12 14:41:53 ET

Vasquez is goot.

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