2002-12-10 11:38:08 ET

Eran was over, we installed another 256mb ram on my machine.. And look! Photoshop AND Internet Explorer are open, and my computer hasn't slowed down to a crawl!! w00t!

We then discussed our evil ploy to take over the world. Uhm, then I ate some food, and now I'm no I think I've been on most of my waking hours today. :) *eep*. Even on crack you sometimes stop to rest.

:: Listening to: Jane's Addiction - Stop ::

2002-12-10 11:43:08 ET

i have two essays due tonight and i'm on SK! i should be working on them right now! AAAAHHHHHH!!! i'm out of here!

2002-12-10 11:46:00 ET

I've been staring at a computer screen for 12 hours!!! I must stop!!!
::Go to sleep directly to sleep. Do not log on IRC, do not collect 200$::

2002-12-10 11:56:36 ET

SK among other sites keep me sane throughout the workday. You see, this is the stuff that will take over the world. Moderators will rule the day.

2002-12-10 12:07:00 ET

Yess.. Moderators instead of biggie corp shmillionaires... That'll be the day..

2002-12-10 12:20:21 ET

first let me just say, janes addiction happen to be one of the greatest bands to ever hit the music industry....

2002-12-10 23:57:35 ET

Yeah! I smoked a blunt with Perry Farrel and the Chemical Brothers once when they were in Israel. He's fucking crazy, they were pretty cool though ;)

2002-12-11 01:00:41 ET

i think he called himself peretz goldstein at that time...
jane's are one of my favorites.
some ppl i know say jane's is where it all REALLY began... i disagree but still perry farrel voice always gives me the chill... the good way.

2002-12-11 01:03:15 ET

Peretz Farrel, yeah. Yeah. He was going all-hassidic and psycho. He was reallyreallyreally skinny too.

2002-12-11 01:13:11 ET

he was going psycho?
no shit...
i always thought of him as a poster-boy for mental health...

2002-12-11 01:19:04 ET

lol! Well,..err. yeah, more loony than usual.

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