2002-12-12 03:28:24 ET



yesterday after work I went to eat yummy hamburgers with my sister and her fiance in Tel-Aviv (yummmmmbugerssss), then I drove over to her ol' house, and helped her pack her computer. She's moving to a new apartment with him in Yaffo. So I backed up her shite, and carried them heavy computer peripherals to the car n' stuff. I also took my drawings that were hangin around her place for the past few months. She said she'd scan em' for me (they're too big for a standard scanner), but she never did. Bitch. Oo, I also took a box full of videos we lent her through the years (the joy of movies!! yes!).. I didn't take my CDs back though. I don't really listen to INXS much nowadays, and you have no idea the condition my Smashing Pumpkins doubleCD was in. She said that these CDs were used by her a security blanket. She'd sleep with em' n' stuff. Anyway, she said she'd buy me new ones (doubtful). Funny thing is, she bought me that CD, like, when I was 13 or something. ..
So.. then I helped her move the shtuff. Her new place is cool. Real big, tall cieling. Looks kinda like an art gallery/studio or something. lottsa open space.


So now I'm at work, passing time.

I can't believe Sunday it'll be almost a MONTH I've been working. Wow. Time flies when you compromise...

Tonight I go to Jerusalem and drink many and much for me best friend Ariel's birthday. jaaaaaaa

:: Listening to: Observe & Control - Scissor Doll ::

ADDENDUM (15:41): Weird shit going on here. Some other girl working here as a maid or something got her bag stolen. FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE. Someone just opened the door (it's always open), saw a bag, grabbed it, and left. Jesus fucking christ where has the world come too? *sigh*. Better her than me. Poor girl, though. She had her passport and shit there. She's not an Israeli citizen n' stuff (she's Swedish I think).. pretty crumby luck, she's only been working here a week or something...

:: Listening to: VNV Nation - Afterfire ::

2002-12-12 04:01:15 ET

arrgh,didnt she say shed scan damn when we visited her and ate pasta?

2002-12-12 04:26:14 ET

yeah, now when was that? June? July? Baahhhh

2002-12-12 04:26:22 ET

yummy pasta though.

2002-12-12 04:31:49 ET

july i think

2002-12-12 04:32:00 ET

oh yeah
that pasta kicked ass

2002-12-12 04:33:01 ET

Heh.. That was a weird night. Remember she bought us Smirnoff Ice? das krieg

2002-12-12 04:33:21 ET

oh yeah.

2002-12-12 04:33:53 ET

Yum. Me too. Wanna come wid me to Jerusalem?

2002-12-12 04:36:15 ET

whats on THURSDAY?

2002-12-12 04:36:52 ET


oh, what, you mean television? I dunno.

2002-12-12 04:37:06 ET

Kat Balu

2002-12-12 04:38:05 ET

ahh... regular night at the kat. got them silly newsletter.
Comeon! come with me to jerusalemmmm

2002-12-12 04:39:17 ET

no fucking way

2002-12-12 04:42:13 ET

fine. you go dance to soad at the kat, see if i care. :P

2002-12-12 15:08:08 ET

so if i wanted to fuck you...would u dominate me?

2002-12-12 15:37:04 ET

re: the waitress girl, my roommate had her purse stolen from inside our suite earlier this seems to be a new trend.

2002-12-14 06:43:25 ET

treason - .. . . . . . . . eep?

rabid - yeah, so it seems. This world is going to hell.

2002-12-14 11:29:28 ET

yeah this world is going to hell in a longenburger handbasket

2002-12-15 00:38:12 ET

or in a mac n' cheesy surprise.

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