Tuesdays suck ass.
2002-12-17 01:59:15 ET

But I bet you knew that.

Israeli workdays are Sunday-Thrusday.

Sunday - Too shocked that the weekend is over to comprehend the direness of the situation. It's like "Whuu? What am I doing up at these hours?"

Monday - The dreaded day of the week. Vague memories of the weekend, and yet, no hope for a bright future. At least it's usually a drinking night (no surprise).

Tuesdays - Just plain suck. Not even vague memories of better times.

Wednesdays - I just like those. Coz like, Thursday is the last day of the week, already, and it's like "Whoa! That's tomorrow!". Another good night to go out.

Thursdays - Last day of the week! W00t! *Anxiety*

Friday/Saturday - Drunken stupor.

That is all.

::Listening to: Hocico - Sucios Pensamientos ::

2002-12-17 02:23:24 ET


<stares at you>

2002-12-17 02:43:13 ET

oh, unemployment :)

2002-12-17 02:47:43 ET


2002-12-17 14:31:36 ET

atleast you know what your working hours are... or what are your working days. i usually got no clue what so ever.

and what you wrote sounded exectly like my week... but without the work part;)

2002-12-18 02:51:20 ET

lol .. yeah. Weeks go by like peugeot's on ayalon freeway...

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