2002-12-17 02:49:38 ET

I want it to be the weekend already.

:: Listening to: The Raveonettes - Attack of the Ghost Riders ::

2002-12-17 03:05:13 ET

אתה בא לסביח אחר כך?

2002-12-17 06:01:13 ET

I just want it to be 6:00 p.m. already.

2002-12-17 10:39:16 ET

Noa - I'm not big on סביח, sounds dangerous ;) But, I really should go visit Ovad sometime. Wonder if he remembers me... Probably hasn't seen me since I was 13.
CartoonBabe - lol. :)

2002-12-18 09:12:35 ET

I want it to be pay day.
I also want a pet mongoose.

2002-12-19 01:51:41 ET

OOoo, Payday is soooon!!!

I want a moose suit, what's your point? ;)

2002-12-19 05:08:22 ET

I say they make a hybrid called a mongmoose.
then you could wear two kickass animal pelts for the price of one!

2002-12-19 05:10:33 ET

Whoa.... That was ... heavy, dude.

2002-12-19 05:19:28 ET


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