Why, oh, why didn't I take the blue pill?
2002-12-24 05:01:36 ET

Mumble mumble mumble feelings of inadequecy mumble mumble self-consciousness mumble mumble discontent grumble mumble boredom mumble grumble grumble.

:: Listening to: Sero.Overdose - Serotonin track 4 ::

2002-12-24 05:03:13 ET

this is the matrix....and you're dreaming...just remember, there is a way out..i am the way...the way to freedom

2002-12-24 05:03:56 ET


2002-12-24 05:08:59 ET


on another note, i've watched the matrix far too much..i've had arguements with ppl about the truth in the matrix and how that movie was a door to reality...but you know, it is true dammit!

2002-12-24 05:58:05 ET

Dear neo shay,

there is no spork. morpheus was really a moose.

yours truly,

Agent Smith.

all your base are belong to us.

2002-12-24 08:01:30 ET

hhahaha i love it!

2002-12-24 11:33:55 ET

affirmative mass control.

2002-12-24 14:39:45 ET


mass control with little freaky robot children shall soon ensue.

brace young skywalker. the orangutan is near.


2002-12-24 15:00:29 ET

you see my friend, there is no freedom with in the matrix...the god you serve is that which traps you in this hell....free your mind...take the red pill...free your body..take the red pill..use your eyes, you lungs, your own soul...take the red pill

2002-12-24 16:07:05 ET


The matrix is a sassy whore. bent on making you into its little toy of personal bitchness.

I, as agent Smith, will see to it that you get 2 meals a day, health insurance, a car with a built in toaster oven, one side sticky tape, and a little monkey alarm clock.

you cannot resist the treasures that the matrix can offer you.

I know you will choose wisely.

2002-12-24 23:51:21 ET

More than any time in history, mankind now faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction. Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly.

(*puts vote in ballet* weirdest thread ever).

2002-12-25 08:14:38 ET

*carefully removes your vote with string and a paperclip*

in the matrix, we have no need for these things.

2002-12-25 10:21:11 ET

lol! (Have I stepped into the Twilight Zone?)

2002-12-25 10:54:12 ET


2002-12-25 10:57:36 ET

what the hell is going on in this bizzare thread?

2002-12-25 12:28:21 ET

there is no comfort in knowing that there is this place..this machine..this made up world for minds that don't have bodies...free yourself..breathe the real air and believe in the matrix..believe that you are not really here....take out the program and destroy it

2002-12-25 16:02:20 ET

do the dew neo!

2002-12-26 02:55:40 ET


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