Christmas spirit and stuff.
2002-12-25 10:53:06 ET


If anyone wants to buy me shit, I set up some wishlists here, here, and here.


Coz buying me stuff is cool.

Anyway, so today was another lame-o regular day at work.
Only 2 things cheered me up.
A) It's Wednesday.
B) I got paid! No paycheck for me, oh no no. Friggin' 4760 nis cash money! Bloody hell.

I'm sorta tired, and I'm wondering if I want to go out or not. My friend Aya called and said she's going to the Comma 2 1984: Dark side of the eighties party... But... Argh... So.. Weak... Do I have the will to go out? Or not? The more I stare at this cursed screen, the less will I have. It's gonna be now or never. the next 5 minutes I'll decide.

Oh, I saw Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers yesterday. Fun movie. Anyone wanna go with me to New Zealand? It's so beautiful there...

:: Listening to: Solitary Experiments - The Essence of Mind (SITD) mix ::

2002-12-25 11:07:33 ET

i only have one question for you: why the hell would like to have the new Nirvana compilation album? there is only one new song on it! what a rip off! i'll never give money to those corporation bustards...

2002-12-25 11:11:01 ET

Uhm... hmm. Good point. I'll take it off. (Funny is, I actually own all their cds).

2002-12-25 11:14:09 ET

exactly! ;)

2002-12-25 11:18:13 ET


2002-12-25 11:32:45 ET

youre just too greedy, posting your xmas list on here... *tisk tisk*

then again you are talking to the girl that got called a republican by her boyfriend for liking money too much. damn anarchy punks and their uppity views.

2002-12-25 11:48:24 ET

heh hehe. cynadiesavior posted tht she has a Che Guevara wallet. The IRONY!! Har har, us capitalist pigs have no shame.

...Besides, if you think that's greedy, how about if I told you I'm Jewish and don't even celebrate christmas? (hell if I wasn't on, I probably wouldn't even have noticed it's christmas!)

2002-12-25 11:52:01 ET

so you too can sing with me; "i'm a lonely Jew on xmas..." it was on Southpark once...

2002-12-25 12:12:57 ET

i was wondering about that... but i decided not to ask, some of my jewish friends also celebrate xmas and get rather annoyed if anyone asks why.

2002-12-25 12:56:07 ET

yeah...err.. coz... yeah! we need presents too.. or something... yeah.



2002-12-25 12:57:28 ET

I'm not a lonely Jew, Maya, see, I'm surrounded with Jewry.

2002-12-25 13:37:11 ET

i hate the x-mass concept. the holyday concept in general.
its like people marking in their calender a certain day they have to like each over.

oh, and btw, im gonna fly over to NZ next winter...

2002-12-26 02:16:51 ET

i wanna go to new zealand and have my own hobbit adventure dammit

2002-12-26 02:58:34 ET

Itay - but you gotta admit, christian holidays are way better than Jewish ones. All jewish holidays are about is different kinds of disgusting food/fasting.

And NZ is uber. I'm so there.

2002-12-27 06:10:08 ET

shay, our foods aren't disgusting..we have rather interesting foods :)

2002-12-27 06:12:54 ET

interesting is a synonym for disgusting.

2002-12-27 06:16:38 ET

nah, you know you love jewish food...i just don't eat the fish..ick, i dislike fish in many many ways...

2002-12-27 06:19:23 ET

I dislike fish on many levels, too.

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