2002-12-29 04:08:33 ET

Weird weekend.

I donno if I have the will to type it all down, just a few tidbits.

A) Thrusday. Kat Balu Club. EBM Floor + 2 Alt/Metal Floors. Many and Much alcohol.

B) Friday. Splitting Headache. Head pumping like a Terminal Choice song. Last time I drink Israeli clubs infamous vodka+rat poisoning cocktail.

C) Friday. Smirnoff Ice. Lilienblum 25 Club. Funker Vogt. Yeah. Did I have fun? Can anyone tell me?

D) Saturday. Visiting Grandma. Dad had a birthday this week, and so did my lil' goth cousin. She's 15. Listens to BlutEngel. I'm so proud. I told her I'd take her to get her vertical industrial at a piercer I know. ;) She's so way cooler than I am.

E) Saturday. Liron's place. watchin Not Another Teen Movie on the tely. I can only watch stupidly fun movies with Liron. ;)

F) Sunday. I hate Sundays. Can't believe the weekend is over.

G) Blah.

:: Listening to: The Smiths - Cemetry Gates ::

2002-12-29 04:15:14 ET

H) Bwah.

2002-12-29 04:31:03 ET


2002-12-29 04:32:49 ET

i need a show to go to very badly.....

2002-12-29 04:35:46 ET

Go to Treffen. If I had money, I'd go.

2002-12-29 04:36:04 ET

Hell, I may go, even though I don't have any.

2002-12-29 04:39:15 ET

heh....yes...i need money also...money is the devil

2002-12-29 04:48:17 ET

Money is awesome. Being rich is soo much better than being poor. If only for financial reasons.

2002-12-29 04:49:35 ET

my weekend was SWEEEEET!
I got a new guitar
I stayed at my girls' place
I even hung a lamp for her LOL

2002-12-29 04:51:47 ET

That is so MANLY of you Dima!!

Heh, when you comin to the kat balu, btw?

2002-12-29 04:53:32 ET

to the where?

and btw I heard is lili is getting closed down...

2002-12-29 05:25:12 ET

well yes but money hates me

man...its nearly 8:30 am...my eyes are wide open but im thinking i should try to get *some* sleep...bleh...night you guys

2002-12-29 05:28:42 ET

Dima - Kat Balu 3 rock/alt/metal floors every Thursday... the-alternative.co.il or something.

2002-12-29 05:38:58 ET

<<< Smirnoff Ice.<BR>
my favorite light-alcohol content drink... i know this has to make me a chick.

funker vogt- they played there??

2002-12-29 07:26:35 ET

DbD - we wish.
their music was played there :D

2002-12-29 10:52:09 ET

Vi va la Smirnoff Ice. I gotta thank Noa here for showing me the light :o)

Lorraine - If Funker Vogt would've played in Tel Aviv I wouldn't be here typing in this crap journal of mine, I'd probably be stalking their hotel or something. [and Noa would be right beside me ;)]

2002-12-29 11:14:04 ET

i would be in their hotel room already

2002-12-29 11:23:13 ET

*scratch head*

2002-12-29 11:24:01 ET

that was in theory!

2002-12-29 11:37:37 ET

biatch. :]

2002-12-29 12:19:34 ET

You have to change your effing time zone, you're never on when I am. :/

2002-12-29 13:14:20 ET

we saw funker @ the Troc in PA/ a couple of my friends went to the promoters house to hang out / get drunk/watch pr0n with them apparently they were expecting girls gone wild or something:: they accused us 'americans' of being 'boring'

2002-12-29 13:38:10 ET


I'd love to get bored with Funkervogt. ;)

Hmm... They suddenly sound like a bunch of assholes. Ho, hum.

Angel - *flies up into space and spins the world back like superman did to save Lois Lane, against all known laws of nature* there we go, moved us all to GMT +3 w00t.

2002-12-29 20:21:22 ET

one hour? thats ALL you managed? we're GMT+2 alread, moving us to +3 did nothing :(

2002-12-30 03:47:48 ET

actually, we're GMT+3 right now, if I'm not mistaken. I moved everybody else (I have a hard enough time sleeping already, I donneeno stinkin' jetlag!)

2002-12-30 03:51:42 ET

we're GMT+3? NO WAY!

2002-12-30 04:27:03 ET

yeah, didn't we move the clock a while ago?

2002-12-30 04:27:24 ET

Maybe we'r GMT+1 now.. I don't remember ..

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