This is so cool.
2003-01-02 01:27:36 ET

:: Listening to Smashing Pumpkins - Rhinoceros ::

2003-01-02 01:29:25 ET

"Blessed are the worms for they shall inherit your body".. I LIKE.

Ooo that art is interesting.. it would be cool to buy some of that and hang it around the house to see what people would say

2003-01-02 01:30:28 ET

tre cool!

2003-01-02 01:46:39 ET

not enough mule mutilation.

2003-01-02 01:51:39 ET

looks like something that came outta an ugly kid joe CD cover

2003-01-02 02:13:10 ET

Yeah. Probably did, too. :)

2003-01-02 07:41:49 ET

It's all like fantasmagoric and in your face...heh heh

2003-01-02 13:44:53 ET

Phantasmagoria ist krieg. ;)

2003-01-04 01:11:40 ET

i just realized (as i thought might be the case after viewing that website) that that guy's done stuff with primus. w00t.

enter the site and go to the 'mutation museum'

2003-01-04 11:52:38 ET

Primus RULE.

2003-01-04 11:55:17 ET

this is true!

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