2003-01-02 14:08:23 ET

Long day.

After work (yeah. "work".) I went ot my sister's place in Yaffo. She's such a loony. I called to ask for directions and she got so stressed out from anxiety sshe jsut told me to wait and got in the car and drove to meet me. She was going through PMS hell or something and was screaming like a madwoman. :) So I came over jsut to drop by and stuff, and to fix her cd burner (I turn into computer mr. fixit when need be). Then we had some food. Sittin on the floor with a low table like in a Japanese restaurant, eating rice n' stuff.

Anyways, so later I went back to Tel Aviv, to this army shindig I was invited too. It never ceases to amaze me that I keep getting invited to these things. Anyway, this girl I know from my unit had a birthday, and she just discharged a week ago or so, and so everybody came and did a little party thingie for her.
Interestingly enough, I think she might be interested in me. Very weird, because I realllly don't think we'd match (and I don't even think I'm her type, relying on past boyfriends as comparison). I dunno. Maybe she just wants to... stay in touch?
Very weird, since I don't think we were ever "in touch". We weren't very close, I hardly worked with her, and I didn't even really like her that much.

Did I mention though that she's one foxy lady? Hmmm..

Anyway, when I left she gave me this huge hug, and sort of begged that I stay in touch (she reminded me I once told her I'd burn her some electronic music cd - - She's a Depeche Mode fan, but doesn't know much else in the world of synthpop, I let her listen to Covenant once, and she really liked it).
Last time I saw her she gave me her phone number, and begged I stay in touch, too..


Maybe I should?
I mean, I really don't see anything serious coming out of it, but, fuck, it's not like I've got anything better going on?
I need sex.

*scheming* *plotting* *coniving*

Well, anyways, time to go to bed. Tomorrow I wake up for heir doktor's appointment. I wanna sleep liek a normal Earthling again.

:: Listening to: amduscia - seeing you pray ::

2003-01-02 14:15:35 ET

she wants you... ;)

2003-01-02 14:18:51 ET

aim high and you will hit home dear friend.

go get her.

2003-01-02 14:27:29 ET

Maya - ;) You have no idea how hot this girl is, btw. Blonde, blue eyes, and Marilyn Monroe sex appeal ;)

Drake - I always aim for homeruns (that's why I get kicked in the nuts wheen I'm not even at first base ) :)

2003-01-02 14:35:21 ET


well, mayhaps its time for a new strategy. you dont exactly have to slap anyone on the ass first day you meet them.

2003-01-02 14:46:00 ET

I told you, get the sex. bad boy.

2003-01-02 14:54:08 ET

i need laid

2003-01-02 14:58:10 ET

Yes. Sex would be lovely right about now.

Thanks for the moral support guys!

2003-01-02 14:59:17 ET

and nice clit licking. mmmmmmmm

2003-01-02 15:01:29 ET


. . .. Yea h...


2003-01-02 15:02:15 ET

omg. lol.

2003-01-02 15:03:24 ET

i can't believe i said that..where is dimitry when i need him..oh shay and dima at once..

2003-01-02 15:04:08 ET


2003-01-02 15:07:07 ET

i can't lie, i want what i can't have..sigh

2003-01-02 15:15:48 ET


2003-01-02 15:16:45 ET

see, this is why i need to read more..true, i read a lot now, but if i started to really sit down and read, i won't have thoughts about boys who live too far away

2003-01-02 17:32:23 ET

yes you should stay in touch!

and your new avatar ish gut

2003-01-03 05:23:34 ET

Danke Lars. We aim to please. (or at ducks. Or the neighbours kid).

2003-01-03 13:30:27 ET

well the neighbor's kid's a brat anyway.

2003-01-04 11:53:45 ET

:) you got that right!

2003-01-04 11:56:17 ET

we got it right, alright.

(kudos to you if you actually know what song that's from)

2003-01-04 12:02:14 ET

not a clue.

2003-01-04 12:03:28 ET

well poop...lol

'mr. jinx' by quarashi

2003-01-04 12:19:13 ET


2003-01-04 12:55:33 ET

but anyway

primus ownz


2003-01-05 05:03:55 ET

Yup yup yup!

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