Uhh. Stuff.
2003-01-08 02:38:10 ET

I had a weird dream last night.

Oh, wait, I slept some. w00t.

Anyway, I dreamed about mutant rabbits wth a cow's leg growing out of their back. You've got to wonder what that means.

I'm thinking something good ::deranged::

The interesting thing is that sometimes they were real, and sometimes they were like in a cartoon.

I'm not exactly sure what they were doing or the narrative at all, I just remember these... bunnies.

Ho, hum, back to work.

:: Listening to: Hocico - Final Resource (Therapy version) ::

2003-01-08 03:12:55 ET

Your weird....
maybe it means you should become a vegeterian(sp)

2003-01-08 04:59:50 ET

What have you been huffing lately, mister?

2003-01-08 05:33:22 ET

Someday, I will find an employer willing to pay me to have grotesque, real time, full sensory dreams... like I have EVERY NIGHT. :(

:) That will be the day...

2003-01-08 09:49:31 ET

that's so pretty.....

2003-01-08 10:34:59 ET

MizyAn - I don't eat bunnies, no worries ;) (though cow and chicken go yum yum yummy in my tummy)

Lila - Nothing! I swear! Because of the political situation in Israel, it's tough getting fresh Lebanese/Sinai imported. . Uhm, stuff.

Storm - You thinkin of goin to a sleep-monkey-lab experiment? ;) (btw - what's your name?)

Lars - prrrrty!!

2003-01-08 17:07:55 ET

Hocico is GOODNESS.

2003-01-08 17:35:47 ET

maybe its not the bunnies coming for you...

2003-01-08 19:40:12 ET

bunnies...merrily prancing...COW LEGS....awwwww

2003-01-09 00:10:23 ET

Angel - YES.

Ann - Eep! I had a guy in class at school who was afraid of cows. He was all like "yeah? what do you know what they do when you're not looking?? You really think they just eat all day?? They're EVIL!".

Lars - brr?

2003-01-09 00:22:44 ET


2003-01-09 06:21:38 ET


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