2003-01-10 04:05:23 ET

Got in, 35 post replies. *sigh* . Anyway, I skimmed through em', sorry everybody for not being as talkative as usual, I'm just lazy, and not in the mood.

Goin to Haifa tonight, to a party at the City Hall.

Gonna meet my girl.

Well, she's not my girl yet, but I'm gonna try. *anxiety*

Anyway, time to wake up. It's bloody 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

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2003-01-10 04:14:01 ET

You suck; it's 8:13am here....grrrrrr; I wish it was that late for me; I'd be getting out of work in an hour, but instead it's like 9 hours.

2003-01-10 06:33:37 ET

eep. Sorry sis.

My timezone is better than your though, no doubt about it.

2003-01-10 08:15:54 ET

go get her tiger.

2003-01-10 16:11:51 ET

Godspeed, ya.. Shay

2003-01-11 05:16:43 ET

Thanx everybody! I'll go post on last night's events (after reading the other 31 replies... *sigh* I shut up now)

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