Doom doom doom tuesday doom doom doom
2003-01-13 23:30:17 ET

Went out yesterday night with the gals to tha pub. Drank some beer, had fun. S'all good.
Talked with my girl some more.. I invited her to sleep over on Thursday.. and she said yes ;)) (j0y!)

Anyway I'm dead tired now, I have lottsa work, I wanna sleep but instead I'm sippin ol coffee, and surfin
Not very productive, but I don't care..

I can't believe it's only Tuesday.

:: Listening to: Foo Fighters - Big Me

2003-01-13 23:31:30 ET

shai is sooooooooooooooooooooo gonna get....uhhh..
wait this is not the appropriate place for that.
is that how you write appropriate?

2003-01-13 23:33:04 ET


2003-01-13 23:34:03 ET

yeah maya!

let's hear it for shai

2003-01-13 23:38:43 ET

mmmm... i'm not THAT mean...

ok. i'm a bad liar...

WOO HOO!!! Shay is gonna get some, Shay is gonna get some...
(i'm so mature...)

2003-01-13 23:40:18 ET

well i talked about it, carried on, reasons only knew. but it's you...i fell into

2003-01-13 23:40:55 ET

i know how to play this song ^_^

2003-01-13 23:41:46 ET

"my girl" :)) looks like things are good there

2003-01-13 23:42:25 ET

the foo fighters own meh

2003-01-13 23:53:46 ET

Thanks you guys, real mature ;)

<3 you all!

Heh, I know how to play dat song too (even the weird C7 or whatever the fuck goes on there)

And it's such a feel good song. :) JOY! and HAPPINESS!! and JUBILATIONS!

2003-01-13 23:54:45 ET


2003-01-13 23:55:18 ET

lol! You go wash your mouth young man!

2003-01-13 23:57:19 ET


im a major prevert tonight, my appolagies a major prevert all the time...nm.

2003-01-13 23:57:49 ET


2003-01-14 00:03:46 ET = Internet crack.

2003-01-14 00:08:40 ET

am, C7, E, G

and all over again

thats how you playit

2003-01-14 00:13:44 ET

naw, there's this bit that it moves from C to C7 or something... and the bridge too... Nevamind. Oh, here we go:

2003-01-14 00:25:19 ET

i need some strings for my guitar.

2003-01-14 00:27:40 ET

i need some strings for my.........

2003-01-14 00:27:59 ET


2003-01-14 00:39:09 ET

whats weird about a c7?

2003-01-14 00:39:36 ET

hmm. yeah I ripped my classic guitar's G string, too :/ too lazy to go buy new ones.

And I wanna replace my bass's strings too, I put 0.55 strings some time ago, and while they give heavy-duty metal sound, they're just too damn hard to play. Rip my fingers (ack, we hate bleeding).

2003-01-14 00:41:07 ET

Dima - it sounds funny.

2003-01-14 00:42:28 ET

the barre type or the open?

2003-01-14 00:45:18 ET

not the open type..

2003-01-14 00:59:46 ET

uhm... they are all easy I think the barre is easier

2003-01-14 01:19:49 ET

they might be easy, but it still sounds strange ;)

2003-01-14 01:20:17 ET

i dont like barre!

2003-01-14 01:21:39 ET

I didn't know you could play the guitar at all, Noa.. When did this happen? :D

2003-01-14 01:22:36 ET

i learned for about a year when i was 15
i know how to play the piano too.

2003-01-14 01:23:58 ET

Ooo. I know a bit too... Only the basics, though... I learned when I was, like, 5 or something, and my bass guitar teacher refreshed my memory a bit a few years back... Heh, we should jam together ;)

2003-01-14 01:25:20 ET

when you do, record it, ok? I wanna hear

2003-01-14 01:25:25 ET


we should play some mothafuckin' dulce liquido tunes

im listening to their damn song for half an hour now

2003-01-14 01:26:17 ET

heh heh heh. cool. :) I'll even play some KoRn for ya.

2003-01-14 01:28:36 ET

i can play pixies
just get me some strings!

2003-01-14 01:29:56 ET

don't buy d'adarios. they suck major antilope ass

2003-01-14 01:31:01 ET

i know.

2003-01-14 01:31:29 ET

what kinda guitar do u have?

2003-01-14 01:32:00 ET

crappy classic one

2003-01-14 01:34:17 ET

oi, I see
and you're gonna play pixies on that?

oh well, I remember you promising you'd play moonspell on an accordeon so anything is possible

2003-01-14 01:36:38 ET


2003-01-14 01:54:37 ET

i can do anythingggggggggggggggggg

2003-01-14 01:55:42 ET

oh really???? can you make gifilte fish?

2003-01-14 01:58:42 ET


btw, note to shai:
pitchshifter are pretty good.
orgy, on the other hand, SUCK.

2003-01-14 03:44:01 ET

heh heh


Orgy rock, too. Platinum, Stitches and Fiend are hot tracks.

2003-01-14 03:46:10 ET

orgies are oftentimes as fun as threesomes

2003-01-14 03:47:55 ET


2003-01-14 04:49:44 ET

You kids are a nightmare...

2003-01-14 04:51:39 ET

we do our best. *gleeful*

2003-01-14 05:05:48 ET

i keep posting shit on the same journals as you, so i figured i'd check yours out for once. yea.

foo fighters aren't nearly as cool as Hot Hot Heat

2003-01-14 05:08:37 ET

Heh heh, yeah Devin, I was startin to think you were stalking me ;)

Hot Hot Heat..? Vas is das?

2003-01-14 08:59:01 ET

50 fucking comments

2003-01-14 09:06:41 ET

Heheh... So what??

2003-01-14 10:21:46 ET

Heh good luck buddy.

2003-01-14 10:43:47 ET

I feel so loved! :_) *sniff*

Angel - <3 u kiddo :)
Storm - Extra popularity points! joy!
Asaf - danke! you too mate. :o)

2003-01-14 11:43:10 ET

YAY FOR SHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTEASSGIRL!!!!!!! :D

2003-01-14 15:47:46 ET

Don't call me kiddo! But I <3 you too Shay. yay for having a girl!

2003-01-14 23:16:44 ET

Beckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :))))
Angel - Being older than dirt has but one joy - and that's calling your age group 'kiddos'. :) Thankssss

2003-01-15 06:19:57 ET


2003-01-15 06:21:08 ET



2003-01-15 06:22:38 ET



nevermind ;)

2003-01-15 06:24:09 ET

dont be fooled by da rocks dat i got
im still im still krankie from da block

2003-01-15 06:24:44 ET

lol. I'm losing my mind here. CHEESE FOR BRAINZZZzzzzzzZZZ!!



I wanna go home, mommie!

2003-01-15 06:36:26 ET

da is my home, nigga

i was more thinking of going chillin' in da hood with ma bitch, yaknowwazimsayin?

2003-01-15 06:37:54 ET

yo ho in de park?

2003-01-15 07:21:48 ET

he went to the gym actually

2003-01-15 09:28:27 ET

i knew that if i'll go i'll miss all the fun... :( always happens...

2003-01-15 12:00:58 ET

LoL! That's why you should NEVER LEAVE.

Stay on SKnet FOREVER.

(sleep is for pussies, anyway)

Noa, what was the name of that Hebrew song I asked you about in the Hoby on Monday?

2003-01-15 21:18:12 ET

riding G - menagenet bach

2003-01-15 23:12:13 ET


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