I just renamed "My Documents" dir to "Meine Dokumente"
2003-01-15 12:14:17 ET

I wonder what Freud would say about that.

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2003-01-15 13:20:23 ET

he would probably say that you rock....


but why speculate!? let us contact miss cleo and see for ourselves!

2003-01-15 15:20:41 ET


2003-01-15 23:14:56 ET

:o) Drake, after you.

2003-01-15 23:52:33 ET

he would say that german is overused ;-)

<shakes head> im such a bastard

actually that's pretty nifty...the folder i have for my stuff on my computer is called 'lars' stoff' (real original i know)

2003-01-16 00:27:59 ET

mine is now C:\Meine Dokumente\Shay ;)

2003-01-16 00:38:10 ET

very fein

2003-01-16 00:54:57 ET


2003-01-16 06:12:52 ET

He'd say you're a mega cyberdork, hahahaha

2003-01-16 06:41:11 ET

Thanks Lila, I appreciate it ;)

2003-01-16 09:14:05 ET

Hey man, I just tell it like it is (but you know I'z only got luvvvv fo ya, bebe)

2003-01-17 07:47:04 ET

Gimmie som o dat sweet lovin, babe.

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