In Strict Confidence
2003-01-17 08:02:21 ET



Last night was fun.
Yeah, that's what it was.

Went out to the new club openning. Drank some death-flavoured alcoholic bevarage with Noa, Itay and Moran. Then we went in. Yadda yadda yadda, my girl arrived.
We danced and made out all night long, then we went over to my place. and uhh. Well, since this is a G rated site, we'll just leave it there. :)
I barely slept a minute but when I did, there's just no feeling in the world better than hugging someone to sleep.
So anyway, we woke up real late n' stuff today, hanged out a bit, drank coffee and such, then I drove her to a friends place, who just happened to have a friend of hers sleep over, and she had a car, so she got a ride back up north..
This is starting to build into something. Naturally I'm all awkward and not-knowing-how-I-feel and stuff, but I wanna give this a shot. I mean, fuck, why not?

Sooo, now I'm just melting in front of the screen. I'm dying of hunger, but there's dinner soon.
Might be going to an underground (I use the term 'underground' lightly) techno party later.
It's weird, it's Friday, but it feels like it's Saturday.
Theres a whole weekend ahead of me.

My mom and my sister were fighting before.. I hate drama, and I do not envy the female gender. You really know how to hurt eachother.

So, that's it for now..

Damn I'm tired..

:: Listening to: In Strict COnfidence - Herzattacke ::

2003-01-17 08:36:18 ET

I'm glad you finally got al that play you wanted, dude. Three Cheers!

And I TOTALLY agree; thre's nothing like hugging someone in sleep :)

2003-01-17 09:06:07 ET

sooo... do you feel like there are no barriers anymore?
i HATE it when someone hugs me while i'm sleeping! there's nothing more annoying than someone who can't stop touching you when all you want to do is sleep (especially after having a lot of sex.)
i usually send them home or to another room/bed or build a wall out of pillows and blankets to seperate between us... yes, i know i'm weird. thank you.

2003-01-17 10:32:09 ET

first off...Whoot whooT!
heh...I like the whole hugging thing while you sleep, but
I can only take sooo much! then I use the knee barrier.

2003-01-17 13:23:20 ET

awesome (-:

2003-01-17 16:49:09 ET

Ah go you SHAY. SCORE. ;)

2003-01-18 04:33:03 ET


2003-01-18 05:26:01 ET

WERD people.

I'll keep the huggging-limit in mind, thanks ;)

Maya - I think you're a guy. ^_^

2003-01-18 05:37:07 ET

oh man, this post is making me sad
it sounds EXACTLY like last weekend and the weekend before for the past 3 months

alas, no more

but damn were the memories worth it :)

good for you TE...

2003-01-18 05:40:33 ET

3 months..? s'not so bad hon :)
And, hey, it's not all over... You can /actually/ still have fun, you know.

Oh, and thanks :o)

2003-01-18 05:45:21 ET

hehe yeah check the date on the guggenheim ticket behind my bio nov. 19th; it had been in full effect for like 2 months before that

but i can't say that never gave me anything!

i have this fear that nobody would want to be my friend without dating me first (i've dated like EVERYONE here) but i believe that i dont get involved w/ppl unless they are worthy as friends (there are 2 exceptions to this that deserve to get SHOT)

and 3 months is 1/80th of my life!!!

2003-01-18 05:56:36 ET

11/17/02 heh. :)

Why wouldn't people want to be your friend without dating you?? You're cool. You're hot. You're sweet. You rock.
And I don't say that to everybody, babe.
*kicks them insecurities where de sun don't shine*

Hmm. I usually get involved with people I already like, too. This time it's different. I mean, I like her, but she wasn't previously a friend, I didn't fall in love with her instantly, and I never had a crush on her. So I'm just going with the flow. I'm pretty certain there is such a thing as to grow and love someone. I mean, I hardly know her, really.

...You're only 20?

2003-01-18 06:02:14 ET

*ducks compliments* ... emmm how about e> None of the Above?
I'm pretty certain there is such a thing as to grow and love someone.

maybe that's that mature love stuff they tell us about, mine are more like hurricane's... quick and messy and resulting in millions of dollars of damage.


i hate 20. i feel so old

yar am i old enough to drink in Israel?

2003-01-18 06:09:38 ET

*drags 2 exceptions out to the street and shoots em'*

How about f) all of the above ? (yes, I know that would include <e> and cause a major paradox that would end in the universe imploding or something)

Hurricane love has it's plus sides too. It's very intense, and it can end in either a nothing-to-do-with-you breakup, or becoming really close. One of my closest friends is a result of such an affair..

20 is THE BEST age. I'm almost 22, and lingering on the when I was 20 ;)

Old enough to drink??? LOL.

I've been drinking regularly since I was 14 or so. The official legal age is 18 or something, but no one gives a damn about that.

2003-01-18 11:19:33 ET

you really think that i'm a guy? that's the nicest thing someone ever told me... but no, i'm a girl... ask clockworkcogitation he actually met me. or just ask my bf, he can verify for sure ;)
i think i experienced all kinds of love (almost) and you can definitely grow to love somebody. i think you have to really like them first. i mean REALLY like them.
- age limit in Israel? HA!

2003-01-18 11:23:48 ET

Maya - I thought you Seattle kiddies should meet :) We had an Israeli meeting a while back (which is silly because I know almost all of them anyway ;))
Like em'? Hmm. Yeah. I like her. :o)

I add another giggle to the Israeli age limit thingie. :) Maya, tell em' how it is back here! Nakash kiddies drinking vodka in the street yayyyyyyyyy!

2003-01-18 11:32:44 ET

oh, don't even start with the Nakash days... those were the days... i remember when i just turned 18, and some bartender actually asked to see my I.D. i was so excited to show him, and he just laughed at me and told me that he was just kidding... i've been drinking since i was 15. it's kind of funny because i used to drink all the time back then, and now... only occasionally...

2003-01-18 11:39:34 ET

:/ US alcohol laws suck.

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