2003-01-18 05:50:15 ET

Last night was one of the BEST parties I've EVER been too.

Techno, Electro, Hardstep, Jungle, Drum n' bass, IDM, you name it. It fuckin rawked.

Met up with Noa, Itay, Meirav, Asaf, and the gang, we went drinking at CarBar(c) ("the first rule of CarBar - You do not talk about CarBar. The second rule.." - Welp, just broke that!) it was awesome. I showed off my bottle-opening capabilities (yeah. Like a little cap is gonna stop me from drinking).

And whoa.. inside. It was like a big woodstockish-rave-senior-prom. While there were hundredsd of people there, I knew so many of them, it was astounding! People from all over came there. I saw people from my highschool, from my gradeschool, from the army, friends-of-friends, and all sorts. It was megacool.
So we stayed till a bit after 6:00 in the morning, when I was already half-dead, but still moving unvontrollably to the music. (There was a fucked up weird k0re cover of War Pigs. whoa).

So now, I woke up, and I'm meeting the gang for Itallian food. Yum.

Smell ya later people.

:: Listening to: Enzyme X - Post Traumatic Fuckup ::

2003-01-18 05:53:42 ET

damn i'm jealous

i bet storm is too

we're the last non-idiot electronica-persuaded ppl in NYC

(besides storms brother of course; josh r0xorz)

you remind me of myself... a lot...

2003-01-18 06:04:00 ET

:) non-idiot electronica-persuaded ?? LoL!

Actually, I think the reason I started reading your journal (besides the cool styling I ripped off ;)) is because you reminded me of me, too.

Heh, I'm a pisces. You ? ^_^

2003-01-18 06:07:43 ET

yeah and now my stylings completely different

tell me my dear, is it 'on point', or is it lacking?
i often consider going back to my old background/colors

but i am never leaving Lucida Console. ever.

that should be my DJ name

2003-01-18 06:09:14 ET

good morning!

2003-01-18 06:19:07 ET

Naw, I like your page layouts (all of em' :)).

'Lucida Console' That's an uber name! (*envy* It's better than Parallel Port)

Morning Noa!

Shay has left the building.

2003-01-18 06:23:19 ET


2003-01-18 10:07:00 ET

Fucking right...
When you come to the city, TE we can form the holy trinity of
<3 DnB <3
<3 DbD <3

2003-01-18 10:56:22 ET


2003-01-18 15:58:07 ET

dnb is nice,

tekno is better.

2003-01-18 23:10:32 ET

you said it.

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