Sunday morning boredom
2003-01-19 00:03:34 ET

I can't believe another week has started.

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2003-01-19 00:04:34 ET

me too. doesnt it sucK? i mean, i wish the week would halt/

2003-01-19 00:12:22 ET

I wish I were cryogenically frozen between weekends.

2003-01-19 02:03:36 ET

i worked only 3 hours today
that kicked ass

2003-01-19 02:35:07 ET

i need to get out sometime soon or my head's gonna 'splode...

2003-01-19 02:48:54 ET

3 hours? That's nothing! Cool for you, Noa. :o)

Lars - I think you should get out more, too. :)))

2003-01-19 03:06:29 ET


kinda tough with no car insurance :-|

i just keep trying to find a job.....getting kinda discouraging.....

2003-01-19 03:07:56 ET

Lars, come on man. Don't lie to me. You're ALWAYS on-line!! You'll never find a job like that!! :))

2003-01-19 03:53:12 ET

haha no i'm not always online, just late nights like this primarily. i wasn't on much at all today...and well like i car insurance so i cant exactly get out easily. i hunt job service's listings daily....there's never anything new.... :-|

2003-01-19 03:56:28 ET

:/ bummer, man.

I dunno, everytime I log on your already on :)

2003-01-19 03:58:54 ET


like i said...i tend to be on when you're on...haha

also, i leave the computer online all day long but most of tht time im not actually here...i put away messages up and the like

2003-01-19 04:01:22 ET

naw, I meant on my computer at home is on all the time too (awayyy).

2003-01-19 04:11:41 ET

ah yes, well, i usually leave sitting on the computer too so i suppose it auto-logs me out eventually...and well like i said, i tend to be on primarily late at nights, unless im out...but i'm not really having any oppertunity for getting out as of late :-\
so yeah it's usually around the same time you come on

2003-01-19 04:16:24 ET

the only problem with your story here is that I'm on at work and at home = all day long. So so are you!!! ^_^

2003-01-19 04:20:49 ET


i shouldn't be...unless it just stays logged on...who knows...i'm on on and off during the daytime (less the past few weeks than i used to be) and only on steady at night, life's just kindof in a rut right now and there isnt much i can do about it till i get a job, and, well, i am doing everything i can as far as that is concerned.....i think this town just hates me.

2003-01-19 04:21:56 ET

:/ So move.

2003-01-19 04:23:57 ET

<nods> you have no idea how badly i want, of course, that takes money as well >_<

oh well, i'm working on'll come around.....

2003-01-19 04:24:55 ET

heh, yeah I know, easier said than done..

Best of luck to ya, though. It ain't easy, I know.

2003-01-19 04:27:20 ET


thanks man..

2003-01-19 04:30:11 ET


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