2003-01-20 23:43:54 ET

has the world come to an end yet?


Damn, have to get ta work then.


It's raining all-biblical here now. Getting out of bed was about as much fun as an elephant falling from the sky and crushing your toe (that happened to a friend of a friend of mine. honest.)
So anyway, I'm at work (again). Took me quite a while to get here. The feasant-mobile hardly made it through the rain.
Went out last night to the pub, but it was tre boring. We (Noa, Aya and myself) got there really early, before the DJ, so by the time the gang actually started showing up, I was already dried up. Nobody was in a particularly cheerful mood, either.. To sum it up, we feastrd on chips and assorted munchies, we played a horrible social game (something like: 6 steps to Kevin Bacon, only more like 3 make-outs/kisses/fucks to anyone in the local scene. It was disgustingly fun), and I got to hear some horror tales from Noa and Michal's job...

Tuesday. Bah. We hate Tuesdays. I wanna crawl up into a ball and die.

So.. That's it for now. Someone, please, make it 19:00 o'clock already.

Or better yet, make it June.

:: Listening to: The Betaband - Dry the Rain ::

2003-01-21 04:33:00 ET

*waves wand*

Behold - JUNE.

2003-01-21 04:39:37 ET

Can you please make it 19:00 here too? I'm really sleepy and my work day just began! And there are some people being dick to me...what the fuck?

2003-01-21 04:53:07 ET

Storm - LoL! Oo, the sun!
Lila - Did I mention this day is making me all frowny with nugat-filled hatred? argh.

2003-01-21 05:24:31 ET

eww, nugat filled hatred is really bad. You should get that checked.
AND what is wrong with cold and winter time? It snowed again last night...I happen to enjoy it.

2003-01-21 05:27:55 ET

Mis Zayn--Winter is all well and good, all fun and games when it is a resonable temperature....but 9 degress with a wind chill of -4 in the Windy City is not well,good,fun, or games.
Shay--I went to McDonalds and ordered the Nugget-filled hatred once...I thought I had botchilism. We'll just have to keep each other entertained through out the day, or at least keep each other from becoming front page news when we go on a murderous rampage.

2003-01-21 05:31:34 ET

Ann - Don't get me wrong, I love winter. I don't like getting wet.
And this day is just going all wrong here. Electricity went ot a while ago, roadblocks, traffic jams, my face is itchy coz I didn't shave...bahh..
Lila - NUGAT is EVIL. NUGGETS are GOOD. See the distinction..? ^_^ Anyway, I'm off work in an hour and a half, and my boss is around, so no sk.net for me.. :/

2003-01-21 05:31:58 ET

but we can do the murderous carnage some other time, kay?

2003-01-21 09:42:06 ET

someone just make it friday 12:00 already :P I will have to try out this 6 steps to kevin bacon game you concocted :P

2003-01-21 10:51:25 ET

;) it's amusing.

2003-01-21 11:26:06 ET

oh, come on...I know you re all snow/winter haters!

2003-01-21 11:29:22 ET

I'm about to...

2003-01-21 11:38:39 ET


2003-01-24 05:05:36 ET

I love winter, but not today. icy winds are not my idea of fun.

2003-01-25 08:14:48 ET

so what is your idea of fun ^_^ *wink* *wink*...?

2003-01-27 03:09:28 ET

55-60 degree weather year round

2003-01-27 03:42:59 ET

uhm. okay.

How much is that in centigrate?

2003-01-27 05:17:01 ET

good question. mildly warm, if that helps.

2003-01-27 05:31:53 ET

uhm, kay.




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