Dillema of the hour
2003-01-21 23:40:04 ET

Today's Wednesday, adn you know what that means - - - IT'S FUCKING THURSDAY TOMORRROW! w00t w00t!!

So, the dillema of the hour is as such:

There are now two clubs playing synth/EBM. One openned last week, the other this week.


The place openned last week.
It's really big.
It has another dancefloor with 80s/new wave, but I'll never dance there.
60NIS entry, discount included.
2 of my favourite DJs - medium-to-heavy EBM, then hard shit at the end.
Free (quality) alcohol.
Some sort of surprise..? I think they advertised something. If the britpop room's there i wanna be there.
It seems to be generally more popular with my crowd, even though it just openned.
Personally, I wasn't too impressed last week. It was an okay party, no more.

This is the first in the Thursday line of parties. The place has been practically a second home for Friday's for the last several months, in a different line of parties.
It's homely, and comfortable, and big enough.
It has another 2 dancefloors, one 80s/new wave which I won't dance there, the other gothic/darkwave which I might visit.
40NIS entry, discount included.
3 of my not-as-favourite DJs. More into synth and electro, and not as much hardstuff.
Free (puke-quality) alcohol.
Sale of EBM/Synth/Industrial CDs at subsidized prices (something like 40% discount)
Prizes..? That's what they advertised I don't know what the fuck that means.
(puke-quality) food.
Movies which I never watch played.


Tough call.

What I think I might do, is give up going to the movies and drinking quality alcohol beforehand, and maybe make it to both parties. See how it goes. Start at the Lilienblum, then if it isn't great (and considering the amount of people in our scene here, it's obvious that one of these parties will suck majorly, and the other will be okay), mabe cut to The Cream at about 2:00 o'clock or so.

What do you guys think?

:: Listening to: Distain! - Confession ::

2003-01-21 23:43:05 ET

are those your problems???

i have orange hair!!

now, really, i would skip the lilbenblum..or go to both.

2003-01-21 23:51:11 ET

Why skip the Lili? Because you think Oren's a madman?
I need better reasons than that.
I don't care personally for the organizers of either party. I'm cool with everybody, but I go out to have fun, not because of loyalties.

2003-01-21 23:51:39 ET

the music is the lili will SUCK...
a reason good enough :)?

2003-01-21 23:56:30 ET

i hate you! i wish i had a choice... well, only 3 more months to go... but even after i turn 21 i think that there's only one place here that's really worth going to. that would be The Vogue...

2003-01-21 23:59:15 ET

Noa - The music is the same music, come on.
I thought you liked Avner Malka!

The funness of a party is derived from several factors - music being one of them, no doubt about it, so is the quality of the DJ (Friedman's an okay DJ, but Tal Aviv is lacking in my opinion), so is the PRICE, so is the PLACE...

Maya - :/ When you get here you'll realize that while we have mutiple choices, they all suck, anyway. o.O

2003-01-22 00:10:38 ET

go to both, go to both!

speaking of thursday...i might have a date!!

<crosses fingers and toes>

she just needs to get a car...but she's supposed to get it by thursday...and then come kidnap me...im hoping

2003-01-22 00:12:17 ET

Yeah, I'm thinking i might have no choice but end up in both.
you be DA MAN Lars!! woo woo woo!! Go get her tiger.

2003-01-22 00:14:26 ET

if you have the money, just go to both.

2003-01-22 00:17:12 ET

:/ hmm. Yeah, I'll ask some more people around where they're thinking of going. For some reason no1 wants to give the Lilienblum a chance, even though it's practically the same party.

2003-01-22 00:19:44 ET

im afraid you are the man ;-)

but i shall do my best

2003-01-22 00:20:43 ET

May the force be with, my young pedowan learner.

2003-01-22 00:25:22 ET

and also with you, ya ol' grease ball ;-)

2003-01-22 00:27:05 ET

you dorks! :)

2003-01-22 00:30:13 ET


2003-01-22 00:47:12 ET

Dork? Me?
I think I'm more of a stork.

2003-01-22 00:52:11 ET

<makes a random bird noise>

2003-01-22 00:52:12 ET

ok... what ever...

2003-01-22 00:54:15 ET

krooo krooo

2003-01-22 01:02:01 ET


2003-01-22 01:03:38 ET

one flew over the cuckoo's nest...

2003-01-22 04:23:06 ET

You have too many f-ing good clubs.

2003-01-22 04:25:44 ET

We be few, but l33t.
Naw, actually, I wouldn't know how they compare.. I haven't been to yer clubs yet.. But I can ask..!

2003-01-22 04:31:18 ET

Dude - our clubs fucking suck since 1999-2000.
Our mayors have been on an anti-fun rampage for decades now -
successfully closing two of the WORLD'S greatest superclubs -
Limelight and Twilo. Now there is an interesting resurgance of loft parties, smaller 'specialty' clubs and underground parties.
But on the surface, there is really no club scene in NYC anymore.


2003-01-22 04:34:09 ET

That sucks major assness.

Well, the US isn't known for it's party-culture. I keep hearing Maya complain that she STILL can't go out anywhere till she's 21... And she's been going out in Israel since she was a wittle teenager!

2003-01-22 04:36:49 ET

Well, there are certainly plenty of opportunities for 18 + kids... but no LEGAL drinking until 21.
Yeah, fucking Puritan culture. It never did us any freakin' good.
Now kids get so excited over the "forbidden fruit" of drinking that they over-do it and cause problems.


2003-01-22 04:43:11 ET

STORM: There's no club scene in Chicago anymore, either, and in the 80's, Chicago was one of the "IT" places for industrial, if not the biggest IT place in America. I don't even go out because it's all bogus. SOmetimes I'll go to a club that has music that I don't like, but I"m just going to get drunk so it really doesn't matter what's playing after a while.

Shay: What movie are you seeing?

2003-01-22 04:45:16 ET

Word Pratt - while the industrial scene in NYC has never been truly THRIVING (often edged out by the enormous techno/rave scenes), now we are reduced to shitty goth cross-over nights and trekking out to New Jersey for some rivet-love.

2003-01-22 04:46:05 ET

Eh, you should all come over to Europe, where kids drink wine since they're 3 and beer by the age of 6.

Lila - I might be going to see 24 hour party people in the cinemateque with Noa..

2003-01-22 04:50:23 ET

Oooohh, someone told me I'd like that movie, but I haven't seen it yet; it was out a while ago here.
I just saw "Chicago" (<---don't I see Chicago everyday, hahaha, I'm such a geek) and "The Pianist" this weekend. Both were amazing in their respective catagories; I suggest you catch both once you get a chance. <BR> HAVE FUN!

2003-01-22 04:52:59 ET

24 Hour Party People is only really good if you have a fetish for the Manchester Acid House scene already - it can be a bit slow if you don't REALLY care about New Order. :)
I loved it. :)

2003-01-22 05:03:47 ET

Lila - OOoo, I will. Me <3 moviessss
Storm - Hmmm.. Noa is the Joy Divison freak. I'm mediocrely fond of it... Well, we'll see if I'll go anyway..

2003-01-22 09:37:45 ET

f* all of you who don't have to work on fridays...I HAVE TO WORK ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2003-01-22 10:09:44 ET

Fuck you. I work on Sundays.

2003-01-22 10:10:17 ET

lol so do !@!!! :-p

2003-01-22 11:09:20 ET

You forgot to mention Lili's notorious upper floor. Plus it has an "electrifying atmosphere", if I loosely translate it, and it's worth checking.
Why not going to Cream, jammin' to Shapira's set and then check out the Lili. We might be a bit tired after the movie.
If it sucks we can still go back and jam on the Erez set.

2003-01-22 13:31:20 ET

I ain't goin to da movie.

I'm thinking the other way round. Start with Lili, then head off to Erez's set if it sucks.

2003-01-22 15:03:32 ET

"Well, there are certainly plenty of opportunities for 18 + kids... but no LEGAL drinking until 21." not in Washington, STORM. here, there are a few all ages venues, but nothing like a night- club... you can't go to a bar/ club or even sit in the bar area in restaurants if you're not 21. they are very anal retentive about it in WA.

2003-01-22 15:25:39 ET

Well geez, I wish I could worry about which one to go to. BLAH.

I get to go to the DIRTY, FILTHY punk/alternative club downtown and go to see some local band and meet Jessica. There is no COOL clubs here, mr COOL CLUB MAN. DAMN YOU.

2003-01-22 23:28:29 ET

heh heh.

Don't get me wrong, it's not nice of me laughing, but I can't help it. You guys are in the united fucking states, and your envious of our 300-people Israeli scene?????? That makes me lol.

2003-01-23 04:27:49 ET

Nonono, Shay, it should make you cry: We live in a country full of money and reckless indulgence, but you want to know about the scene? IT BLOWS ALMOST EVERYWHERE. The money and reckless indulgence I speak of, when it comes to the night life, gets poured deeply in to pop music SHIT. I mean, if I was an average, nondescript asshat like 90% of Chicago, I could have the time of my life at 20 different places in one night. I am, however, into the industrial scene, so I get to go to ONE place that is the same size as my apartment. Really, really sad state of affairs.
I did go to Washington DC though to visit my parents and I hung out with Christina (Machinengel), who took me to Nation, which was awesome. It's all huge and nice. So, that being said, America is like 500 times the size of Isreal, so technecally we should have a great subkulture scene AT LEAST in every major city, but that's not the case. For the most part, the scene blows: it's dead.
But a notice to all indie rock types: If you like indie rock and the indie rock scene, you'd like Chicago. I personally don't, but it's big here, so there you go.

2003-01-23 05:20:22 ET

our indie seen is dying..

2003-01-23 05:22:38 ET

That's fine...I hate indie rock.


2003-01-23 05:43:06 ET

LoL. Indie rawks. It saddnes me that I no longer have anywhere to dnce to it!@

2003-01-23 05:51:52 ET

Wait...hold up....it's totally fine if you like indie, but I just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing (from my expereince, all these labels only create choas because they always denote different bands to different people). What do you like that's indie?

2003-01-23 05:56:31 ET

OOooo, err, tough one. :)

Anything played in our britpop/indie room..

Bluetones, Strokes, Radiohead, Blur, REM, etc...

2003-01-23 06:07:56 ET

Yea, like those bands are tolorable for me...
I guess what I mean by indie rock is that seriously indie rock CRAP that I hear around Chicago. Like I can't think of any bands really, well, I can think of one: Interpol. I only know this because a good friend of mine loves indie rock, and in fact, she works for an indie label called Touch-and-Go here in Chicago. She's told me about other bands, but Interpol was the one she made me listen too. I just hate that music that sounds like the physical manifestation of what it is to have a freshly injected heroin needle sticking out of your arm in a dirty basement. I'm just not down.
But some Brit-pop is ok...I think...

2003-01-23 06:26:25 ET

I've eard Interpol. Eh.

2003-01-23 08:22:24 ET

shay... non of the bands you've mentioned is indie- rock...
i do like some indie rock, though i agree with Lila, all those small indie labels create a mess in the music industry.

2003-01-23 13:06:09 ET

Well most of the nice, good clubs with good music are on the East Coast, not over in the suckass middle of the US. BLAH.

There is not ONE club in Iowa that plays industrial or anything like that. :P

2003-01-23 13:11:45 ET


2003-01-23 13:27:55 ET

That's really far away though, I don't have a car yet so I'd never get there

2003-01-23 13:28:54 ET

hmmm...sucky :-\

2003-01-23 13:29:52 ET

JA. HEY, you can come here and be my driver

2003-01-23 13:32:11 ET

i would (:
but i thought you stopped liking me.....

2003-01-23 13:33:14 ET

OMG lmao I thought I was talking to Shay

2003-01-23 13:34:10 ET


2003-01-23 13:34:33 ET

just thought i'd try to be helpful and find ya an iowa venue...

2003-01-23 13:35:00 ET

thanks <3 i'll definitely remember that.. Iowa City is like hours away though. :P

2003-01-23 13:36:59 ET


well, whenever i take my usa roadtrip i'd be glad to stop by and drive ya there but um....see above comments...heh

2003-01-23 13:39:39 ET

that'd be fun

2003-01-23 13:41:05 ET


2003-01-23 17:24:22 ET

Angel, I'll pick you up tomorrow at eight. Be ready :)

2003-01-23 17:40:56 ET

LOL *cant wait*

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