2003-01-23 00:12:31 ET

So uhm, yeah, last night I went to Liron's place, and hanged with her and the all-new, all-pink(!!!) Noa.
We were hungry and stuff, and there was nothing to order-out so we went downtown, all the while me and Noa are making silly chicken noises and holocaust jokes.

Then we ate pasta.


:: Listening to: Accessory - Deadline (live) ::

2003-01-23 00:14:21 ET

is it raining????!?!

2003-01-23 00:26:20 ET

..Not here.

2003-01-23 01:35:16 ET

hmmm...i really need to join you sometime. considering i can make random pig grunts and squeals like no other.

2003-01-23 04:35:16 ET

You guys and your holocaust don't hear too many of those in the US of A, or slavery jokes either. But what we do get a lot of is political jokes, which makes sense when you contextualise things in comparison to what you guys are doing: people make fun of what is most fucked up about their inherited history (i.e. the holocaust for you, American politics for us). WHOA!!!! I SAID IT! Am I on an FBI watch-list now?
*makes shifty stealth eyes back and forth many times*

2003-01-23 05:16:10 ET

my old best friend and i used to make holocaust jokes. (shes jewish and i am of german decent.) people gave us odd looks when we did, but no one said anything because she was (at the time) the only jewish person in our school.

2003-01-23 05:36:11 ET

You have hot friends. Me = wants to go to Israel.


2003-01-23 06:23:11 ET

Lila - We're antisocial politically incorrect bastards here, too.
:) They're gonna getcha! ;)
misa - muhahahah. Privledges of the minority.
dok - Come on NOW!

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