Buy me.
2003-01-23 05:52:41 ET

2003-01-23 05:54:28 ET

Whoa....if I woke up one morning and that thing was staring back at me, instantaneous heart attack.

2003-01-23 05:56:58 ET


2003-01-23 05:57:18 ET

2003-01-23 06:09:39 ET

OH MY GOD....that's even worse.
It's like Evil Clown-face multiplyed by 100 on the freaky shit scale. It's like walking into a *resale store that is actually some crazy old man's garage and he will sell anything, even crinkled soda cans (*real place).

2003-01-23 06:28:31 ET

Soooo COOOL!!

2003-01-23 08:16:37 ET

mmm... i don't get that.

2003-01-23 17:26:55 ET

Just buy me it, damnit.

2003-01-25 14:07:45 ET

its awful pricy for 700, find some prints. those are cheaper.

but yes. it is very beautiful.

2003-01-25 14:40:42 ET

Heh. I knew you'd like it.

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