2003-01-25 14:29:12 ET

Okay, lemme try and recap, this has been an eventful one..

So, Thursday after work I went home, half an hour later I was rushed to pick up my sister from nowheresville (she was stuck with no transport home), back home, rushing into shower and such, then, after many a debate and a dillema I headed for The Cream. Not because the other club doesn't deserve a chance, or because their party didn't seem without potential, but it seemed all my crew were going to the cream, and, afterall, I go out to have fun.
So anyway, it started out pretty empty. (a friend was quoted saying next time he'll bring a ball, we can play). See the place is reallllly big, so even when it's pretty full it's still still hardly packed, it's really big...
After a mediocre night, I ate TOAST and headed home.
The next day, I was abruptly awoken by my parential figures, and they gave me a ride up north. I gave my girl a call, and I stayed at her place for the night... We had... Fun. :)
We went to a friend of hers' place and watched The Omen. Due to technical difficulties with the DVD player, we saw it in black and white. HOW GOTH. Heh heh. It was fun though. We smoked some shit, too, and we were all pretty smashed.
Then, back to her place...
In the morning (morning. Yeah, right) we watched Transformers: The Movie and listened to Diary of Dreams. Overall, a pretty fun time. (I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you babe!)
Parents picked me up round 16:30 or so. It took us a short eternity to get back home. The whole way was jammed like a motherfucker. When I did finally get home, I gave Noa a call, and we decided to meet up for coffee or something. Coffee soon turned into "I WANT FOOD." cries from both of us, and we went to eat at Big Mamas (Big Mamas = A good reason to move to Tel Aviv. Good pasta is hard to find). So after another night of self indulgence, we headed for home, slowly, but surely. :) We had a lot of laughs... A memorable quote would be "Oh, I feel so fucking fat." *crashes head into table*. Lol. It was great. So..
Now the weekend is over...
And another week begins :/
I be lazy, and be wanting vacation soon.
Oh, wait, Tuesday's vacation, actually. (Elections, w00t!). Hmm. Maybe I'll, like, do something... Ooo...

:: Listening to: Diary of Dreams - Panic ::

2003-01-25 19:28:04 ET

good stuff!

<corny> you smoked some shit!? was it dog shit!?? </corny>

2003-01-25 23:27:57 ET

I was really tempted to delete that, Lars. CORN.


2003-01-25 23:40:51 ET

haha...you know i luv ya man

2003-01-25 23:49:31 ET

Awwww, go on.

2003-01-25 23:55:08 ET

ok! <giggles>
annnd you're sweet and sexy and fun and like gosh you're such a cutie!

<bats eyelashes>

2003-01-26 00:00:19 ET

Awww, shucks. tee-hee!

2003-01-26 00:10:47 ET

sounds fun. i just slept the weekend away.


2003-01-26 00:19:05 ET


2003-01-26 00:21:48 ET


2003-01-26 00:23:37 ET

It's so much yum in just one small place..

2003-01-26 00:25:41 ET

and so much yam in just one dish...:)

ahhhhh i want my yam pene!!!!!!

2003-01-26 00:34:31 ET

arghhhh. I have leftovers in the fridge, I will soon pillage.

2003-01-26 00:39:42 ET

you took home a doggie bag????

well, my doggie is hungry... and she's sick and stuff... yhea... MY DOGGIE... thats right... and doggie begs are for doggies... damn it im hungry.

*defrosting pizza*

2003-01-26 00:42:00 ET

mommy bag.

2003-01-26 00:45:06 ET

Skanker bag.

2003-01-26 00:49:53 ET

uh huh! :-D

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