2003-01-28 05:40:43 ET


Last night went out to The Hobi. I had a great time. I picked up Aya (stopped over at her place before, and helped her apply for an account on ;)), and we rode off. As usual, we were there first, but it was great. We had some of our usual deep life, theuniverse, relationships, and everything sorta chats. I <3 those. ;)
Then the beer started pumpin'. The music was great (the DJ put Mirwais for me! Yay!), and it was good company. I met some friends I burnt some Invader ZiM episodes for em' (damn Israeli television; I've seen the whole goddamn series nd they still haven't bothered purchasing any episodes).
Then at around 1:30 I took off, and when I started driving I realized I had a flat tire. Eep! How traumatic. I've never had one before. So I managed to drive to a gas station nearby, and the guy there helped me replace the tire. s'good, coz I figure it's about time I learn how to do it, better sooner than later, better with someone who's done it a dozen times than alone, better on thenight before a day off then on a night where I hafta wake up for work the next morning.
So anyway, we had a helluva time figuring out the weird germanic-volkswagen jack-thingie that came with the passat (all the while listening to my favourite Industrial compilation ;)) w00t)... but at the end we managed, and I rode off into the sunset.

Today I was rudely awoken by my parents, and we went off to vote. I voted for Meretz (left-wing sissy party), for lack of anyone better to vote for. I'm not even a socialist. Baah. But everyone else is pond scum. *sigh*
Then I continued with my parents to Tel-Aviv. We had a bite to eat, and then me and my mom went to Shenkin. That was pretty amusing.. :)
I got me two new jeans, though. woopie.
Now I'm back home... I really wanna get a haircut, but I'm not certain that the darn place is open.. I'll go give me' a call in a minute..

Later on I'm goin to some friends, I was invited to see the election results wid em'...
Should be cool.

:: Listening to: Observe & Control - Introspective ::

2003-01-28 05:56:45 ET

This elections is a huge deal, huh? It's being updated on our news like every 5 seconds. How many years does a presidents' term last in thyn country?

2003-01-28 06:38:59 ET

We're not a presidential-thingie, we have a prime minister..

Technically? 4 years term.

Realistically? since 1988-92 not-doing-anyting gov't, no Israeli govt has served full term.

Rabin was asassinated
Nethanyahu was kicked out
Barak was kicked out
Sharon was kicked out.. .Even though he's gonig to win again.

over 65% of Israelis believe the next election are in less than two years. I give it just about a year from now.

Hooray for banana republicness.

Oh, in case your wondering, the govts are also left-right-left-right. Another indication of instability.

2003-01-28 06:44:48 ET

Oh man, whata convaluded bunch on nonsense. I'm sorry to all you poor dears.

2003-01-28 06:52:42 ET

I feel sorry for myself too. *snickers*

2003-01-28 06:57:06 ET

I like proportional respresenation.

2003-01-28 06:58:47 ET

wtf does that mean..?

Most people are dumb = =Most representatives are dumb or something?

2003-01-28 11:55:35 ET

Shay, you're such a GIRL :))
You have just lost your flat-tire-virginity, congratulations...

2003-01-28 14:36:24 ET

Screw you, big mama boy. ;) *I feel so violated*

2003-01-28 23:32:52 ET

you have a VW? rock on!

2003-01-28 23:59:21 ET

Germaniaaaaaaaaaa ;) My dad has a leased Passat. It has these cool lights inside.. They're BLUE!! BLUE I TELL YOU!! BLUEEEE!!!!

2003-01-29 00:19:50 ET

i like VWs!!! i wish i had the money to buy a car...
btw, i used to be on a birth control pill that was made in Germany when i lived in Israel. i always thought that it was kinda ironic that they import those to Israel...

2003-01-29 00:23:44 ET

Heh heh, you wanna hear funny? My paranoid mother (who won't drive the passat for ideological reasons even though she uses AEG washmachine.. go figure, damn polish mother...anyway so) got a rebreather (against bio/chem weaponry) for our basement-shelter thingie. Guess who makes those?


Germans! Yes, they have expertise in the subject of gas, yes..?
There's this community of germans living in Israel, and what they all do is this. It's a fucked up world, I tell ya.

2003-01-29 00:29:54 ET

hey, if they can build machines that almost erased an entire race of the earth, they can build anything! :)

2003-01-29 01:28:47 ET

We are such cynical bastards. hahhahahhahaa

2003-01-29 04:27:48 ET

Shay: "Germania?" What are you, in the Roman Empire? :)

2003-01-29 05:09:02 ET

heh, that's what Germany is called in hebrew.

Interesting factoid: A Turkey (that thing you eat on thanksgiving, and also a country) is called a "hodu" in Hebrew, which is also the world for India (not Turkey, India).

Weird huh?

2003-01-29 05:11:50 ET

Yea...huh...I wonder what other Bird-Country conspiricey is being hatched somewhere else in the world....
This is a caper that needs to be solved, possibley on the prision road trip.

2003-01-29 05:13:27 ET


It might be an enigma... Mysteries of the universe, never meant for common men to explore or understand.

2003-01-29 05:22:21 ET

YesYes....much akin to the mystery of why, after reading Fast Food Nation and getting sick every single time, I still cannot fight the urge, every so often, to get McDonalds french fries?

2003-01-29 05:58:12 ET


Cuz itz yumz.

2003-01-29 12:47:53 ET

I never have been able to understand why it is that the names for countries are different in every language. Yet people everywhere seem to respect individuals names despite the language difference. So strange....

P.S. Hi Eclipseeeeeee!:)

2003-01-29 12:51:12 ET


*jumps into =AC='s lap*

Uhm, hmm.. That is weird.

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