A New Hope
2003-04-18 04:17:10 ET

sk.net's situation is still unclear (to me), but reading m0xie's recent post does give some new hope. This community will survive. In the meantime, a few good things have started blooming; there's a subkultures Yahoo! Group, a Subkultures Livejournal Community, and a Subkultures DALnet IRC channel...

All prove the point, that this community wants to stay together, and I for one think that's beautiful.

We sometimes forget, that in sociological terms, we're pioneers. There have never been on-line communities before. People sharing there personal journals and the whole communication medium is a totally new thing, ... I for one, find it fascinating, and the dedication people are willing to put into this dot.community proves that we are all truly pioneers.

Godspeed to us all.


Personal stuff, if you care

Passover farce went okay. I spent the evenining in my grandma's kibbutz, and throught the whole ritual sedder reading,, I drew a cold bitter comics depicting the events. My biggie sister is in Brazil with her fiancee, and I thought I should document it for her (in a totally cynical, cold way. Just the way we like it ;-))
After the dinner travesty, I went out to the wednesday gloomy 80's club. I met the gang, and we went drinking. A lot.
I've been drinking almost daily for quite some time now. I think it's starting to get to me :)
Yesterday I woke up (hungover) in the afternoon and drove to Jerusalem to meet up with the Jerusalem crew. We did a BBQ, with beer, pitas, and burgers. Yum n' fun. :)
The I drove back to the craphole where I live, took a shower and went to this brit home-party. The idea was to have a house-party like they do in the states, just with britpop and better alcohol. It was pretty damn cool, I drank some more, met some nice people, and then 'round 00:30 I drove off with a friend to the thursday altrock/metal party in Tel-Aviv. I met the girl I want there.. But she didn't seem too keen on me :/ anyway, I drank some more, so basically, to sum it up for those of you who are still here:

Life is good
albiet, quite hectic.
Girls suck
and I drink quite a lot.

Meirav is comin over, and we're goin to das cool drum n' bass party later. w00t!

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2003-04-18 04:54:33 ET




2003-04-18 05:04:09 ET

SK will survive, no question of that.

why? because we are the trailblazers of the pioneers, there are very few online communities such as ours. and even fewer people as amazingly different yet bound together in our own way

when people heard of SK's impending doom the community rallied, even before the post receded and faded from its firecracker like affect, our community was on its feet to make sure SK went on.

we might not know what's ahead

but i think that's exciting

we just have to be ready

because when things change it will happen quickly, we can't keep this place the same forever, we have to be ready for change and growth.


2003-04-18 05:16:05 ET

Girls suck pretty bad...

2003-04-18 05:43:30 ET

I make the ultimate sacrifice. DELTING MY ACCOUNT.

Because I don't spend enough time here to make a difference. See you in the facets of cyberspace.

2003-04-18 06:12:02 ET

it feels as if we're under attack.. like cyber world war I .. i don't know. i love this place, despite my lack of entires recently. its so incredible to see dedication like ours... what are we going to do..

moixe if you're readind this, don't act too hasitly yet.. we have to find a way to save ourselves from self-destructing.

i am willing to change, and pay a fee. but we have to keep this going.. I LOVE YOU ALL

too much war.

2003-04-18 06:29:43 ET

dude, you write "the gang", and link to me? wtf

2003-04-19 08:41:35 ET

Itay - YES.
Stormzealot - Peace, man. :)
Stormy - You know it, but we live. :o)
Iason - Oh, comeon, man, don't do anything too drastic, ya hear..!
BrownEyedGirl - haven't seen you here in ages..! Don't worry, there are enough of us good people around to keep things alive.
Noa - I linked Ariel with the entire Jerusalem crew, too. BigToy MissBlack and Horizon don't have pages, afaik. ;p

2003-04-19 10:03:12 ET


u hit it on the head

2003-04-19 10:11:30 ET

now we see what this is ALL

(read the comments)

2003-04-19 13:41:49 ET

Oh sweet jesus.
*flashes chest*

2003-04-19 14:42:31 ET



2003-04-20 17:51:13 ET

its almost monday

2003-04-20 18:12:30 ET

this is true

u'r observant

2003-04-21 02:44:41 ET

ok now its monday

2003-04-21 03:21:30 ET


the man is one SMART FELLA

2003-04-21 03:35:08 ET

*entertains visions of m0x telling us a suitable location where the SK community can have a group flash or mooning*

2003-04-21 04:05:07 ET




2003-04-21 04:12:36 ET

smarter than your average dog

2003-04-21 04:40:24 ET

m0x, if you happen by this thread, give us the place, we'll provide the bare bottoms. SK is very much a loving Kommunity willing to donate time, and all forms of booty.

2003-04-21 07:51:43 ET



2003-04-21 08:06:20 ET

play on words aside, maybe some sort of weird fundraiser is in order?

2003-04-21 09:27:27 ET


u might beon to something

2003-04-21 12:41:05 ET

"Girls suck
and I drink quite a lot."

Amen, brother!!

2003-04-21 16:06:07 ET


i'll give an amen to that!


2003-04-22 08:27:33 ET

What the hell has happned to this thread..? Ho, well, anyway, I'm willing to participate in a moon-for-sk fundraiser.

Rix - :) WERD. *hifives*

2003-04-22 09:17:06 ET

to ur mama

2003-04-22 11:32:10 ET

she won't mind.

2003-04-23 00:07:16 ET


2003-04-23 03:46:24 ET

on the other hand, m0xie's idea is a good one.

2003-04-23 03:51:49 ET

works for me, yup. I'm glad he's not giving up :)

2003-04-23 04:23:41 ET

sounds like the thermometer thing at my church

2003-04-23 08:39:39 ET

*eats said thermometer*

/me is an infidel. ;)

2003-04-23 19:53:12 ET


2003-04-23 23:04:55 ET

har har !

I see the zealot is a heretic too.

2003-04-24 08:41:52 ET



just loco

2003-04-25 08:11:11 ET

*plays Coal Chamber*


2003-04-25 08:11:50 ET




2003-04-25 08:27:32 ET

*gets run over by Big truck*

2003-04-25 08:28:57 ET



2003-04-25 09:31:09 ET

*goes LOCO!!!!!!!!!!!*
the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire......

2003-04-25 09:54:56 ET

I feel so oldskool k0r3.

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