2007-02-24 04:21:15 ET

Toxic life.

Yay my first journal posting! And yes! It's my personal writings!

Every ash a memory of things
forgotten in days gone by.

Every tendril of smoke a sleeping
emotion wakes.

Every toxic puff cleanses tarnish
hopes and ideals of us.

Every flick of the finger releases another
fragment of dead self loathing.

Every crushed pack another day that
passes we struggle in hopes of peace.

Another new pack stuffed into my pocket
for the start of another day I get the bless of love
and understanding while we stand together.

2007-02-24 06:27:31 ET

welcome! and i like ur poem!

2007-02-24 06:29:43 ET

Thank you. And thank you. n_n

2007-02-24 11:42:53 ET

Welcome to subk!
Mind your extremities

no offense but your page layout makes me want to kick puppies.
thats a hell of a statement from me.

2007-02-25 19:34:13 ET

Then I have done my job. And done it well. Thanks for the welcome S.S

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