2007-02-24 07:07:29 ET

You make me twitch like a chipmunk on a live wire son!

Alright. Time for me to vent I suppose.
I'm currently at work. I work as a multi-purpose security officer.
Road Patrol
Stationary Officer
Bouncer for bars and clubs
And ect.

Well today is the first day I've been back in the office to work as a dispatcher. I like my job for the most part. But I hate working with a manager named Sal. He's the dumbest, most irrational, midget (in a bad way) of a person I've ever meet! I completely and deeply hate this man. And that's hard for me to say. He thinks he's always right and all that fun stuff. He the kind of guy that if you told him his crap stank, he'd look at you and said it smelt like roses! God!

Plus now I'm having issues with getting other officers to agreed to fill open shifts for today and up coming days in the week to come. They're being pigheaded about this!


Okay I'm good now.

2007-02-24 08:36:15 ET

thats lame

2007-02-24 09:05:52 ET

Yeah it kind of is lame. Or are you saying I am lame?

*Sorry I've only had 1 hour of sleep since working last night*

2007-02-24 09:22:38 ET

no i mean your boss at work is lame.

2007-02-24 11:25:27 ET

Oh. Then yes. You're right as rain. He is very lame. But I need a job and have to work until something better shows itself. Right?

2007-02-24 17:20:14 ET


2011-08-22 03:58:38 ET

Josh, You smell like cheese.

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