I am tired.
2007-03-04 11:59:14 ET


Well it's offical. I hate my roommates and I am starting to get sick of fighting with Cristalis. She says we don't fight but my god we do! She just doesn't want to admit it. Figures too. She doesn't like the fact I'm grumpy.

Reasons for this!
1 I live with 3 people who are emo in a bad way. (Bill is suicidal, Sasha is a drama queen who starts shit, and Cristalis just likes to be everyone's best friend it seems.)
2 I work almost 60 hours a week and sleep 10 hours in there somewhere.
3 I am the only one of us working. (Cristalis and myself.)
4 I have to find a way to pay for a car, rent, food, clothing, bills, and ect. With a 400 dollar paycheck each week.
5 I have to live with Bill and Sasha fighting when I get up to work and then come home to sleep.

(Side note)
I blew up at all three of them Saturday. It seems to have helped for now but I'm left with the feeling of doom that has yet to fall upon my shoulders.

Alright just so it's clear I love my would-be wife with my very soul. And I'd die and kill for the woman. But right now I'm so messed up inside I'm not sure what to say or do anymore other than be pissed off at her and the world.

2007-03-04 18:36:20 ET

i hate roommates.

2007-03-20 23:39:10 ET

Yeah me too. They're awful.

2007-03-21 05:21:10 ET

i decided whenever i move out i am not getting roommates.

2007-03-25 16:16:45 ET

Yeah that's probably best. Because if you're anything like me you'll end up killing them in their sleep with a fork. Mmm stabby stabby.

2007-03-26 04:11:52 ET

lol, i think i've done that but it was a shotgun.

2007-03-30 18:36:26 ET

Woot! Now you're speaking my language. Smoking goodness. Yes!

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