2007-06-01 00:45:50 ET


Well I was interviewed today. Woot! I passed with flying colors. Which is good. I have to go pee in a cup sometime Friday. And then Tuesday I start work at the wonderous! -drum roll-

Super Wal-Mart Center! 3rd shift 40 hours a week. 80 hours on each bi-weekly check. My starting pay is $6.90 for now. But hey it's a job.

Kenny offered to buy some "drinks" after I get home friday. I may take him up on that. I haven't been buzzed in awhile. It may help with my sleeping problem. That or alot of pills. But T-shots are easier to pass off than a pill buzz.

2007-06-01 00:59:43 ET

what are t shots?

2007-06-01 15:32:52 ET

peeing in a cup is alwasy fun.

2007-06-01 19:14:00 ET

one time my dorm roommate and i freebased coke in our room---we had snorted like six lines each before hand so we were pretty paranoid......anyways, we were so paranoid that we didn't want to leave the room and so when we had to piss, we used cups........we poured the piss out of the window, and used tissue paper to wipe.

2007-06-01 23:04:53 ET

Yes peeing in a cup is loads of fun. -laughs insanely- But before that than hair... Because I'm bald! Yay!

Haven't done drugs of any kind since I was 20.

T-shots is short for tranquilizer drinks. Don't ask what it is. Kenny never tells me what he puts in it. I just drink and then become happy and sleepy. Which by the way happened! I slept like the freaking dead!

2007-06-02 08:00:26 ET

what color is it? does it taste good?

2007-06-04 21:22:01 ET

It's red and yes! Yes it is good! Tummy is happily drugged kinda good.

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