2007-07-11 18:33:27 ET


Blargh! Well I'm going to go and get my last check from wal-mart in the morning. And after that I'm going to see my lawyer again. We both agree that it'll be a total waste of my money to take them to court. She told me to look for another job and move on.

Yeah like that's easy in sparta, tn. -sighs- Jobs are hard to get around here unless you are willing to give a b.j or kiss someone's butt. And I don't like the taste of ass! And no face! Jesus! Somehow I've got to find another one soon. I'm going mad at home. Well I'm living with a friend right now.

2007-07-11 19:23:29 ET

walmart does suck ass. i've been told when you work at walmart that is your life.

2007-07-18 23:32:09 ET

For some people it is. -nods- But in my case it eats at my life! -cries in a corner-

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